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    Call of Duty Recognizes Pakistan's Elite SSG Commandos ...

    Bleed Green and be Proud for we shout. Pakistan Zindabad.
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    (LAC) Line of Actual Chithrol Lol !

    This is what happens when you are bitch smacked by Kung-fu Panda and Hidden Dragon.
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    Surgical Strike of India and their Yogi on Corona Virus.

    Gauu Mouthar and Gobar are major ingredients!!!
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    Propaganda against the Armed Forces of Pakistan explained,

    The Libturds and the Noothias face another stink bomb.
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    What is Best in Life ???

    A sad day for all the haters of the current Government and the Army. Dedicated to all those corrupt Mafia in the Media, To all the pseudo liberals and the shameless hatemongers specifically the Noothias and Joothias. May they suffer and whine, while their corrupt leaders and their masters are...
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    Opinions from Peeplays and Patwaris please about PMIK speech at UNGA !!!