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  1. ammadk

    Mal e Muft Dil e Byrehm

    Chief Justice at his retirement given a Parado for just 4 lac 10 thousand on 02-04-2020 The department paid above 8 lacs for its repair on 28-03-2020
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    Indian lose their jobs due to Islamophobic remarks in UAE

    Indians are starting to lose their jobs in the UAE. Princess Hend after the twitter spat has warned Indians against Islamophobia and threatened to sever punishments.
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    Guy pulls car flip prank on his Mom in Dubai

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    Wireless Bungee Jumping

    Moderator note: This is not real, it is just an advertisement for IKea 863721050410902
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    Maryam Nawaz and 38 Member Secret Cell

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    Caption Please

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    Rafta Rafta Woh Meri by Tanya Wells

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    No need of Caption!! :p

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    A crazy 70 year old Aussie motorcycles through Pakistan

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    Fatherhood at its finest!

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    Sohni Dharti, Coke Studio Pakistan

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    Pindi Boys Getting famous on Internet

    10153404452773162 1043844912301198 (bigsmile)(bigsmile)(bigsmile) Original Song
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    Situation of Rawalpindi after this week's rains

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    Women beaten in public experiment

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    Behind the scene of new Army song"Miti k bandy"

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    Go Nawaz Go in Rawalpindi Metro Bus

    931960706855362 Itni Bezti :lol::lol::lol:
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    Something that can only happen in Pakistan

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    Height of Racism

    966055760105168 :angry_smile::angry_smile: