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    ٹماٹر کی قیمتوں میں 67 فیصد اضافہ ، بلاول کا دعویٰ:اپنی رائے دیں

    If they are out of season, they will be expensive, cuz demand is more than production, and it’s the case worldwide in any country, what’s the surprise here. this bitch is non serious, shouldn’t be taken notice of
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    الیکٹرانک ووٹنگ: میں انجینئر ہوں،ٹیکنالوجی کو سمجھتا ہوں " احسن اقبال

    What a fuck idiot, and absolute shit head, you don’t need to be an engineer to understand tech. global transactions worth trillions are electronically completed. encryption technologies are used to ensure privacy and security. There is a risk of hacking but it’s been continuously prevented and...
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    Since 2018 out of 15 PTI won 6 & Noon won 5

    This is a proof of PTI government not influencing the electoral process. the first 3 seats that PTI lost were right after the general elections, so they were not performance related. NA 249, was wrong candidate, Mohajirs will never vote for an Afridi. Daska was a PMLN seat, PTI reduced the...
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    NA 249 fake reporting by all media houses

    Plus PTI candidate is Afridi, in a Mahajir constituency, they will never vote for Afridi. So not a shock
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    لوہار کوٹ میں فوج کو دھمکیاں جوڈیشل مارشل لا کا اعلان اداروں کی بے توقیری

    These guys are pussies, they can’t do anything about the army, if they want all these bastards will end up dead
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    مجھے کہا گیاجسٹس فائز عیسیٰ کے خلاف کیس بنانا ہے'، سابق ڈی جی ایف آئی اے

    This bastard of a judge is corrupt down to the bone, no question about that, he still hasn’t said, shown or proven when he got his massive wealth from, because with his salary, he cannot afford even a single flat in London, let alone multiple
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    مجھے کہا گیاجسٹس فائز عیسیٰ کے خلاف کیس بنانا ہے'، سابق ڈی جی ایف آئی اے

    He doesn’t need to be told, it was his job to make a case against this corrupt judge.
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    Disband Pakistani civil courts & set up military courts.

    Totally agree, civil courts are useless, and they do not have the power to handle mafias
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    Congrats Pakistan

    Agree, what a joke of a fucking judicial system,
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    Please replace cricket coaches, Waqar Younis & Younis Khan.

    Why, they are winning series after series, there are no weak teams in t20 cricket, and the team has been climbing up the ranking.
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    ٹی ایل پی پر پابندی: علی محمد خان کی پارٹی چھوڑنے کی دھمکی

    He is a fucking idiot, every time our country’s economy and financial situation starts to get better, these bastards come out of nowhere and start creating chaos. Everybody thinks for their own shit, nobody is thinking of the country
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    اگر کالا دھن آپکے اکاونٹ میں نہیں آیا تو آپکو مجرم تصور نہیں کیا جا سکتا

    Wow, I am shocked, these fucking judges legalise criminal activities. so in other words, this guys is saying take kick backs, do corruption but don’t transfer the proceeds into your account and you can live a free man.
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    Imran Khan & Shaukat Tareen Decides To Review IMF Plan For Economic Growth

    It is called quantitative easing, where money is pumped into the economy to increase economic activity. All western countries printed hundreds of billions of currency after the 2008 financial crisis to increase liquidity in the market. quantitative easing is a monetary tool which central banks...
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    Shariff family's lawyer, Atta Tarar is their faithful Alsation.

    Totally agree, the guy is a glorious bastard
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    Fawad Chaudhry first press conference after becoming Information Minister

    That’s great, take legal action against that bastard Rana
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    ریاست کا سیکولر ہونا کیوں ضروری ہے

    You obviously hasn’t got a clue what you are talking about, These is nothing more secular than the US, do you think demonstrations doesn’t happen over there, there were people killed very recently when people stormed Capital Hill
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    ریاست کا سیکولر ہونا کیوں ضروری ہے

    If your argument is that what these people are doing is wrong, then absolutely, it is wrong. but Pakistan is an Islamic country, founded on principals of Islam, and it can never be secular. these demonstrations are the gift of secularism, do you know western media is supporting this.
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    PTI decreased lead to 17000 from 40000 in recent Daska elections

    Exactly, still a great result
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    جہانگیر ترین رسیدیں دینے کی بجائے بلیک میلنگ پر اتر آئے

    Absolutely agree, and I also know, if he is in the wrong, which I am pretty sure he is, otherwise he would never have been in a situation like this.he will be forgotten just like Fauzia Qasori, Javeed Hashmi, Aisha Qulalai, because truth always wins, and the people of Pakistan are getting...