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    تبلیغی جماعت کے خلاف مکروہ پروپیگنڈا

    تبلیغی جماعت کے خلاف مکروہ پروپگنڈا
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    OIC - UAE showed arrogance and hypocrisy

    OIC-UAE showed an attitude of 'arrogance and hypocrisy' by inviting INDIA as guest of honor despite strong protest from Pakistan, so much so that Pakistan boycotted their OIC summit. It was an excellent decision by Pakistan to boycott the summit as this would show UAE that this the NEW PAKISTAN...
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    India to face another loss: F-16 manufacturer to file law suit against false Indian claims

    واشنگٹن (24نیوز)بھارت کے جھوٹے دعوؤں کا ایک اور پردہ بے نقاب ہوگیا،پاکستانی لڑاکا طیارے ایف سولہ کو گرانے کے جھوٹے دعوے پر بین الاقوامی کمپنی سامنے آگئی۔ تفصیلات کے مطابق بھارت نے یہ دعوی کیا گیا تھاکہ اس نے پاکستان کے لڑاکا طیارے ایف سولہ کو گرایا ہے،جس کا انہوں نے عالمی سطح پر کو ئی بھی پاس...
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    Pulwama Attack - The Inside Job

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    Time for a new political Party???

    Hi Folks, You may or may not agree with me about this but I strongly believe that the present time is perfectly ripe for a NEW POLITICAL PARTY. The scenario that has paved the way for the NEW POLITICAL PARTY is the confused and chaotic approach of IK in carrying out day to day...
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    GEO trying to defame IK by posting IK's picture on GEO's program advertisement in Newspaper

    In today's, sunday's, jang newspaper, GEO has posted its tv program ad with IK's picture. They are trying to defame IK by posting his picture on their own ads.
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    Posting videos of sexual harassment and molestation is promoting the evil

    Don't Promote the Evil under the cloak of Condemning it Today, someone posted a video showing a 'molvi' molestating a child girl. The crime is really an obnoxious one and the culprit must be punished severely and should be made a lesson for others. However, the point that I want to raise here...
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    No Need to CAPTION

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    Fawad Alam's Technique...Is there anything like this???

    Those who sang big songs for Fawad Alam, should see today his 'technique'!!! A street player has a much better technique than Fawad Alam as he exhibited it today. It's not only today, even England team, once, laughed at his technique as he tried to hit the ball but failed to do so after playing...
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    Azhar Ali has gone mad...Giving main middle overs to those who are not bowlers...

    Azhar Ali has shown his colours right from his first match. When he needed to attack Bangla Desh batsmen after getting the second wicket, he gave the ball to Haris Sohail, Saad Nasim and then himself as if all the bowlers in Pak team have come either blind or paralyzed. He has given FULL...
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    ہماری اور پاکستان کی عزت اور کامیابی

    ایک مسلم معاشرے میں ہر برائی کی بنیادی اور اصل وجہ الله کا خوف نہ ہونا، م موت کو بھول جانا اور حساب کا یقین نہ ہونا ہے ...اسی طرح ہر نیکی اور اچھائی کا ممبع الله کا ڈر، موت کی یاد اور قیامت میں الله کے سامنے حساب دینے پر مضبوط ایمان ہے ... تو میرے بھائیو اور بہنو ... زمین و آسمان کے...
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    One of the Most Stupid Decision in Cricket by Pakistan by not forcing the Follow-On today

    Having bowled Australia out cheaply in the first innings, Pakistan created huge chances for their win in this match. However, they made a horrendous decision of not forcing the follow-on which made their chances of winning the match go from Huge to slim, and even the fear of defeat may also...
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    PTI is the ONLY party that is not ALONE, all other parties have become ALONE !!!!

    This is a STUPID analysis that PTI has become alone politically. 'In the dictionary of Politics, ALONE is the party that has lost people's support'. So, according to this definition, PPP, PML-N and other Status Quo Parties are all ALONE. On the other hand, PTI is the only party that is 'NOT...
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    Arjumand Hussain is very educated & well known professor

    اوہ بھائیو ، ارجمند حسین کوئی عام گریجویٹ آدمی نہیں ....ہوسٹن یونیورسٹی کے گریجویٹ ہیں ...امریکا ، ایشیا اور مڈل ایسٹ میں بہت اہم عھدوں پر کام کر چکے ہیں ...ٹی وی ڈراموں اور بزنس اینکر پرسن رہ چکے ہیں ...سرینا ہوٹل میں ایگزیکٹو پوزیشن پر کام کر چکے ہیں ...آل پاکستان انٹرکونتینینٹل ہوٹلز کے...
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    Sharif Family Leaves Pakistan along with their Cheff Rubina on a PIA Flight

    Sharif Family escaping from Pakistan, Lahore Airport. They are also taking their Cheff along with them who has got Seat 25 C in Economy class. Go Nawaz Go Go Ehl e Nawaz Go Go along with your Cheffs Go But where would you GO? Wherever in the world you go, you would only hear all around you:
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    TTP Ismat Ullah Mavia group surrenders

    532363293562150 PESHAWAR: Tahreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) leader Ismat Ullah Mavia surrendered on Saturday to Pakistan Army. According to TV reports, the TTP Punjab leader announced that they would no longer undertake any militant...