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    وزیراعظم عمران خان سے آرمی چیف اور ڈی جی آئی ایس آئی کی اہم ملاقات

    Fir all this you first need to educate people and come out of "Bhutto Zinda hai" slogans. Army is responsible but what about Judges, lawyers, bearucrates, etc..all are corrupt. Overall Pakistani society is corrupt and have no overall values.
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    حفیظ شیخ کی شکست کا زمہ دار گورننس کو قرار دینا فضول بات ہے

    Whatever would happen. It will not be good for Pakistan. I think these journlists are biggest hypocrite of society
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    کیا عمران کو اسمبلیاں توڑ کر عوام کے پاس نئے الیکشن کی جانب جانا چاہیے ؟؟؟

    J Just a question, did you born after 2018 since PTI come to power or you exist prior 2018.
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    کیا عمران کو اسمبلیاں توڑ کر عوام کے پاس نئے الیکشن کی جانب جانا چاہیے ؟؟؟

    We are in Pakistan and close to pmln constituency in Gujranwala. We know better how situation is in Gujranwala. So please live in Mars as s you seems some Alien to me.
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    عمران خان ایجنسیوں سے صحافیوں کے ٹویٹس ڈیلیٹ کرواتے ہیں،کلاسرا

    From here you should understand how biggest dishonest intellectuals we have in Society. This intellectual do program 5 days a week and he couldn't disclose this information in his program. Also he won't name a single journalist or Twitter where PM or any spokesperson asked to remove tweet. How...
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    کیا عمران کو اسمبلیاں توڑ کر عوام کے پاس نئے الیکشن کی جانب جانا چاہیے ؟؟؟

    Its better you should support PPP or PMLN (PDM). There is no need of your vote if you don't see politics dynamics. If situation is too bad then how come PTI vote has increased and why don't PPP resign from Sindh Assembly and go for new election. Suppoters like you are biggest dilemma of PTI and...
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    ملکی حالات بہت نازک ہیں

    Lol...awara Kuta...
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    مریم نواز نے پھر سے اپنے پاؤں پر کلہاڑی مار دی

    This should blame to PTI leadership...why they go to these blackmailers program???
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    ہم سوال کرتے ہیں تو ہم پر جانبداری کا الزام لگایا جاتا ہے، اینکر شہزاداقبال

    Crap anchor...the channel is clearly many times this has to approve..
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    براڈشیٹ معاملے میں 2018 میں وزیراعظم سے محسن بیگ کی کیا بات ہوئی، سنیے

    He didn't get any position from PM. Everyone looks for its own benefit. He was never a PTI sympathizer.
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    تبدیلی ، عمران خان اور یوتھ

    Another Noothia Singh is here... Noothia bhai, please first start from your own party and say "Nawaz tabar chor hai"... If you start capaigning against mariam and billo, definitely I can start thinking about your opinion..
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    مولانا گھٹے کی خوبیاں

    A Leader does not run behind popular decisions but he makes a correct decision. Same was the case for lockdown. So much oppression against Imran Khan and at the end, he succeeded
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    Don't blackmail me, PM tells Hazara protesters

    This can only done by patwaaris. Yhey still think Nawaz Sharif is innocent even though he lives in same apartments he couldn't provide money. You are just fool like your leader. What orya says about Nawaz Sharif, you won't be able to digest. If you are not patwaari, then may be suppoting billo...
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    Don't blackmail me, PM tells Hazara protesters

    Listen, there were atleast 1000 killings happened during pmln tenure. Did Nawaz Sharif attended any funeral or visit queatta?? During pti tenure, this is first incident happened in hazara and the way few people blackmailing state is i think Imran Khan is on right track.
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    Don't blackmail me, PM tells Hazara protesters

    Are you new one in town or just come out recently from dark womb??? Which country can eliminate terrorism and killing???
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    میں تعصب کی بنیاد پر حقیقت میں ناگ شریف سے نفرت کرتا ہوں one cares about Mariam Nawaz. Her father never been to Quetta in 3 years. Shameles, corrupt, soulless character.
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    وزیراعظم عمران خان کا کوئٹہ کا دورہ کرنے کا اصولی فیصلہ

    Why?? I understand each victim would ask same next time but the protesters need to understand