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  1. Forceful

    شوقِ تنظیم سازی : ڈبلیو ڈبلیو ایف. فردوس عاشق اعوان بمقابلہ طلال چوہدری

    A 3rd class thread by a 3rd class person on 3rd class people.
  2. Forceful

    کشمالہ طارق کے ہاتھوں زخمی ہونے والے شہری کا پہلا دل دہلا دینے والا انٹرویو

    What the hell is this “Breaking Red Light”? Ishara Torrna . . . Ha Ha Ha, right? You mean to say in English, “Running Red Light”? Why don’t you write in Urdu, it won’t be hard for you but easy for us, the readers. Moreover: "Run a red light" is an idiomatic expression which means "to pass...
  3. Forceful

    خادم رضوی نے اوریا مقبول جان سے اپنی آخری ملاقات میں کیا کہا؟

    Laanti Aorya Ghaleez Molvi Ka Ghaleez Chamch. Dono Harami Hein. Yeh Molvi Tha? Woh Galiyon Ki Machine Tha
  4. Forceful

    ASI Muhammad Bakhsh Burst Into Tears After Seeing Victim Girl In Hospital

    For 10 days little princess was being raped while system was asleep, mother was wandering here and there for justice. Meanwhile ASI offered her home to stay. It could have done much easily by tracking the location of that animal, the little girl could hav saved from suffering and trauma she went...
  5. Forceful

    ٹرمپ کا افغان جنگ کارڈ

    Shut-up You’re one ill-natured FASADI on this forum. 99% of your threads are promoting Terrorism, favoring terrorists. Your filthy threads are filled with sectarian hatred that helps Indians. Keep your JIHADI shit to yourself and go to hell next to Mullah Omar. Pakistan has tons of its own issues.
  6. Forceful

    ٹرمپ کا افغان جنگ کارڈ

    Pakistan has nothing to do with so called Afghan Mujahdin and Civil War in Afghanistan. Stop promoting your Jihadi Fasadi agenda on a Pakistani forum. Mulla Omar and her companions were butchers in the disguise of Mujahdin. They killed women, underage innocent children, destroyed heritage and...
  7. Forceful

    Poll: Should Pakistani Army Leave Saudia Arabia?Let Israhell Take Controls?

    Shut the frucked up you Najdi Tuttoo, morons like you are the problem for Ummah and Islam. You’re nothing but piece of shirtt.
  8. Forceful

    US, Israel building a ring of fire around Iran: Former American diplomat

    Famous Qadiyani couple is invited to bark 😀
  9. Forceful

    Allama Jawad Naqvi Slams Ulama Doing Business By Promoting Sectarianism

    There is only 1 Xiggs Brothers, we Muslims only debate with Qadiyanies on finality of prophet Mohammad pbuh. Rest of the differences among Muslims have nothing to do with Qadiyanies. Dr. Adam Qadiyani & his wife CitizemX are notorious Qadiyani couple, kick their butts as much as you can but...
  10. Forceful

    واقعہ کربلا کا حقیقی پس منظر جید اہل سنت علماء کی نظر میں

    This website has turned into battleground between Sunni & Shia. Qadiyanies like Dr. Adam and CirizenX are injecting fuel. Extremist of both Sunni & Shia are equally responsible, they have become puppets in these Qadiyanis hands. May Allah give us vision to see through the ill intentions of these...
  11. Forceful

    Saying "Yah Ali Madad is Shirk" : Dr Israr Ahmed

    Thread starter is bastard to the core of his soul. Intentionally he is promoting hatred among Muslims. Meanwhile Qadiyani Dr. Adam is jumping on thumbs up button under the post to prove he is Muslim, what a joke
  12. Forceful

    Iran unveils ballistic and cruise missiles

    karachiwala Haideriam Would you stop fighting? Don’t you see Qadiyanies are enjoying your SIRPATHOOL.
  13. Forceful

    Iran unveils ballistic and cruise missiles

    Shut up you true Qadiyani and fake doctor, you got nothing to do with Islam and Muslims.
  14. Forceful

    Iran unveils ballistic and cruise missiles

    He got nothing to backup but his stinky “back” to lift up in response to your question.
  15. Forceful

    COAS Bajwa meets Saudi Arabia's deputy defense minister

    There’s thing called “self esteem” which you’re unaware of since you eat countless littar day in and day out
  16. Forceful

    Islamabad High Court fixed Mirza Iftikhar Uddin Agha's bail petition Aug 20

    Rana Sb. Alway love your comments. I’d say, hate monger Dr. Ghulam Adam Mirzai must learn from you.