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    Difficult to remain inactive observer along LoC if India continues military attacks - PM Imran Khan

    Property dealers can change ISPR general but can not fight so i.k is fooling himself
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    Why General Amjad Shoaib is Disappointed from Imran Khan?

    Is SAALAY Jernayl ko Haddi daalo paagal patthaan
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    کوئی شرم ہوتی ہے، کوئی حیا ہوتی ہے،?

    SAALAY Boot polishiyay baaqi Sab ki tarah
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    Imran Khan has to be careful that Pakistan has a history that no elected prime minister has ever completed its Term. Arif Nizami

    Saala nizami wants to remain relevant like every SOB anchor Paagal patthaan gives two hoots about anything, once he has realised army generals have the highest I.Q in the world and secondly PEERNI can solve all problems with sacrifice of two goats
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    Brutality in IOK is the result of Hindu fanaticism | DG ISPR tweet

    ستر سال سے ھماری فوج نے ھندو کا جن پاکستانیوں کے آگے کھڑا کیا ھوا تھا۔ اب کچھ کرنے کا حوالہ ھے تو صرف آی ایس پی آر کے ٹویٹس۔۔۔ براوو
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    Pakistan offers scholarship to 1,000 Afghan students

    Please please please...Stop patronising thankless , munafiq Afghans. Why the FUCK you cannot understand understand this is like supplying milk to snakes. They HATE Pakistanis. Let Saudis, their Master Americans and urine drinking Hindus , feed them. ISI junior ranks make big bucks in such...
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    CJ Should Take Action Against Those Who Make False Case, Rana Sanaullah

    Please do a KAMAL ATATURK with all the judges for once
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    Pak Navy is fully prepared to give befitting reply to the enemy | Successful trial of Missile force

    Every defence establishment of the country thinks every CIVILIAN is a Moron. The proof of the pudding is in eating it. I wish and pray that time should soon come for them to prove all Tall claims they make time to time to keep themselves POLITICALLY RELEVANT. NOW to forestall the shit which will...
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    کابینہ میٹنگ میں ہوشربا انکشافات

    Please recover the money paid to all toallof them with interest and HEFTY fines
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    President Arif Alvi: this is trial of Musharaf not Army & Army better stay out of it

    Pakistani Army should disown traitor, womeniser, alcoholic, killer of 10,000 TopArmy Personnel in Kargil, seller of innocent Muslims for US Dollars to CIA and Nangay Deen of stabbing AFGAHANS in the back BUSHARRAF
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    Siraj ul haq Exclusive interview

    ISPR and ISI concubine since inception
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    "Main Giraftar Ho Kr Ziada Khatarnaak Ho Jaon Ga"- Bilawal Bhutto Zardari press conference

    BILLO RAANI THEEK KEHTEE hay. Saari jailon or jail Kay Amla may AIDS or HERPES SIMPLEX or ALL STD,s Jangal ki aag ki Tarah phayl jaeyn Go.
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    Islamic Ideology Council takes notice of Musharraf verdict

    Harami ideological council pehlay Quran or Sunday Kay khilaaf Doosray Nikah Kay LIYAY Pehli biwi say IJAZAT Ka qanoon Hataa Kar Dkhaey PHIR is Judge Kay aagay laytay
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    Billa Unwan

    Namaaloom boot