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    شاہد خاقان عباسی بھی بھاگ گیا

    They should let them go as long as they put up a hefty collateral. However, letting them go without such a collateral sounds more like an NRO.
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    پی ڈی ایم کی پیدائش کیسے ہوئی؟ شہزاد اکبر کی پریس کانفرنس

    For those who don't understand the definition of a mafia should watch this press conference. Police, judiciary, media and all of the state institutions are controlled from inside the parliament house. Then there are gullu butts for the unwieldy elements who dare to make them accountable.
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    علیمہ خان کو این آر او دینے کی تمہاری پوری تیاری تھی، مریم نواز

    They always try to do personal attacks on the family members of their opponents, including distant relatives who are not even in politics. However, play the women card when PTI attacks their professional female politicians on valid grounds. This proves that they don't have much munition against...
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    کیسا مزاج ہے؟ "سب کچھ" بھی عمران خان "کچھ نہیں" بھی عمران خان

    She thinks of herself as cunning like a fox and slick like a weasel but in actuality she is a desi version of dumb blond who always speaks at the wrong time with lies that are caught before they are uttered.
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    لاہور جلسے کے دن میں ریلیکس کر رہا تھا، عمران خان کی صحافیوں سے گفتگو

    Glad he is trying to have things done through private sector as government in general is always quite inefficient, even in most developed of countries. Government led businesses usually become top heavy monopolies and white elephants that results in corruption and promote incompetent...
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    حکومت مستعفی ہو ورنہ دما دم مست قلندر ہوگا، بلاول بھٹو زرداری کی پریس

    Consider Bilawal and Maryam ultra patriotic. They have accomplished in their young lives what establishment or even Imran Khan would have never dreamt of. Complete annihilation of their respective corrupt and well entrenched mafias in two of the biggest provinces.
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    اب آپ گھرجاکر آرام کریں، مریم نے غصے میں آکر کس لیگی رہنما سے کہا؟

    She is a spoiled brat. Acting like those who have never struggled to earn a livelihood. However, it's a good omen for the country as she is demolishing a corrupt dynastic party from the ground up. Hope a new party will emerge from the rubble of this mafia with a democratic base.
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    ‏زرداری عمران بھائی بھائی سے بلاول اور مریم بہن بھائی تک کا سفر !

    Imran, Bilawal and Maryam = Heera Mandi, Mardan and Isalamabad. Try to connect the personality with his/her place of popularity.
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    India, PEMRA and Hamid Mir.

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    نوازشریف کی فوج مخالف تقریر پر وزیراعظم کا جواب

    Sheerin Mazari should watch out her back. She has no clue that she is next on the chopping block as has back-stabbed PTI on numerous occasions and has always found standing behind the RAW funded, bloody, anti-PTI liberals.