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    Fazlu is purely Political-must be dealt by same token!

    Fazula G...u has come a long way. There could have been confusion before amongst the uneducated massess about the nature of his party i.e. Religious or Political- but now with JUI Leadership breaking up, List of NAB cases against him and his family and Government warning him not to include...
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    GREAT KHAN does NOT REST....!

    I feel GREAT KHAN has done a lot and achieved a lot during his last 2+ years-but possibly the Team has failed to professioanlly project their achiements in an organised and effective manner. They DEFINATELY need a professioal media and advertiseent team. In the mean time I will help by listing...
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    Post-Match Interview Champion-Pakistan!

    So have I missed the point here? I am sick and tired of seeing the Pak team as underdogs, always under pressure, always capitualting, always apologetic in post-match interviews!! After a long break Pakistan takes on a better team. It was expected to compete and give a tough fight on equal...
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    I have come a long way (age) and witnessed /experienced the process of global Evolution- political, environmentally. I have also witnessed world events unfold. I have also come across lots of so-called clever people of Pakistan. The conclusion-the pathetic state of current Pk is due to these...
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    How to attach WhatsApp video?

    Pl can you advise/ tell me how to attach WhatsApp video clip to a thread i want to post? Thanks
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    Why Saeed Anwar supporting thugs?

    I noticed that the above cricketer turned pious religious person supports the Patwarris!! Just wondered what is his motivation- as clearly these Patwarris are low life thugs and criminals. Maybe he has been recieving behind the back under the table gratitude aid. I think ther are few more ex...
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    Chor Chor, Hijra Hijra , aur Leader sirf Khan hota hai!

    the quality and standard of opposition narrative is getting from bad to worse. they dont know if they are coming or going. Even Billo Rani has run out of steam and "her" voice is becoming even more annoying! they have the cheek to call Khan selected -when they are the product of selection and...
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    KHAN's vision as a Global Power vs Mujhe Kyun Nikala!!

    30 years or is it 40 years? - How long have these Patwarris & Zardaris have ruled & looted us? How come they these so-called elites land in UK and USA everytime for their health, education and then settling down as permanent citizens there. How come they have become so rich-and the rest of the...
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    Potential ZOR of PDM?

    So PDM under the wise leadersip of JUF is going to hit the streets! I was just thinking of their potential street power which will result in fall of a democartic elected government. This phenomenon of PDM and opposition is nothing new. Different regions of the world have experienced it-from...
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    Do Saal aur Patwarris ka chora gund!

    so Patwarris are asking about the record of what has been achievd during the last two years?-Well for a starter- if no one has noticed, NO Patwarris, All shafted or nearly there 😁 . To clean the situation and retreive what we can has been a challenge but the great Khan has bn working at it-...
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    Faazlu's Permanent Cure-Lets Guess!

    So Fazlu has been identified the front man to lead the assault. Well Well he will have to prove himself this time, keep his words, and avoid being made to look like a stooge for the umpteenth time. I want you all to try guessing his fate at the end of this movement- as clearly he is a...
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    How best to educate Patwarris?

    It is obvious when u look at the Patwarris that most of them are uneducated . They are staunch supporters due to gaining big advantages-like non tax payer, stealing electricity & gas, manipulating agencies with bribes, etc etc. No wonder they are now facing the pinch- and want NS back U only...
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    KHAN-Is Pakistan Lucky ?

    The WISE amongst you appreciate & understand how LUCKY we the Real Pakistanis (excluding Patwarris & Zardaris) are to have a bold & visionary leader-especially during these difficult and testing times . KHAN has many qualities across the spectrum from personality to humbleness, confidence to...
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    NS, The Drama Queen

    Just seen the speech by the greatest drama queen. It was a demo of the worst RANT, have seen. He played on the raw nerves on price increase, internal and external politics, army, justice system but forgot to mention his own mismanagement and looting. Its now the time for spokesmen to lay the...
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    so Fazlu is leading the opposition -under the pretext of " islam khatray main hai" but- with radical "anti-state ideology". He has not won his seat but has the cheeeek to defy State writ and challanges the Army. His followers may not know what is islam and human rights but will follow him...
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    The Patwarrris!

    A common theme has been observed from Patwarris these days-CAN TALK SHIT , MEMORY LOSS ABOUT THEIR VICTIMISATION OF OPPOSITION , AND CRYING ABOUT "FREE" TIMES WHEN THEY DID NOT HAVE TO PAY ANY TAXES!!! The above traits have been observed in the Parliment, TV Surveys, Paistan Bar Council...
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    Azhar Ali-is he any good?

    I am ardent cricket enthusiast/fan. I am all for postive & comeptitive cricket-even if it results in losing the game. BUT the player selection must be correct based on the above criteria of competitiveness, pedigree, skill, talent, potential, and robustness. Is our criket Captain any good? I...
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    Patwarri these days are seem to have been left with only few individuals to look after their political destiny. The hilarious fact are that these individuals have no personality and remind one of God's other creations but not humans. one can arrange them in any way you like but that will not...
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    Where is Daniyal Aziz?

    Was just wondering where did this most Irritable and fat person disappeared? Is he banned from representing PMLN or has he been neutralised by GREAT KHAN?
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    Patwarri Mareez!

    I thought NS wasseriously unwell and critcial. Then how come he walsk everywhere, looks fresh from face, and seems to have gained weight? I am surprised at the Med Board who decided he wastoo unwell based on some platelet count and past history. This probably is a good represetation of teh Pak...