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    India, PEMRA and Hamid Mir.

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    Staunch supporters of Indian Hitler are running a campaign against McDonalds for serving Halal Food on the grounds of Cruelty to Animals.

    Ask any cardiologist of the quickest and least painful way of departing this world??? Unanimous response will be cardiac arrest. According to cardiologists, cardiac arrest is like flipping a switch. One moment someone is alive and dead the next. The reason being, cardiac arrest is one of the...
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    What Nawaz Sharif is thinking?

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    Why there is so much criticism against creation of TTP office?

    IK has a brilliant idea for the creation of TTP office. It is nice to deal with your enemy during the light of day. This way we know if they are involved in the recent rash of violence. If they are, then one can argue and question them openly and put them on the back foot and unmask this...
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    Scorecard: Scotland Yard vs MI6.

    What is the latest scorecard. I think it is MI6 which is in control of the ball at this time. Scotland Yard made several valiant attempts but the goalie of MI6 is quite impressive! What are your thoughts???
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    Biggest disappointments of recent times.

    Die-hard supporters of PTI may have recently dismayed and disappointed with the recent results of general and bye elections. However at least for me, PTI so far has been quite successful and emerged as a force to be reckoned with despite all the domestic and international forces of “evil”...
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    Ab Tak 17th May 2013 - Asad Umer - یوتھ بمقابلہ تجربہ

    Asad Umar PTI, Jahangir Khan Tareen PTI, Saeed Ghani PPP and Syed Zaeem Hussain Qadri PML-N in fresh episode of Ab Tak on Ary News and talk with Sadaf Abdul Jabbar A/L 84302
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    PML-N evolves election strategy (Dawn)

    LAHORE: The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz on Monday prepared its election campaign and media strategy for the May 11 polls, giving final touches to party chief Nawaz Sharif’s public meetings schedule. The party’s theme song sung by known singer Ali Azmat has also been recorded, it is learnt...
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    Defence Secretary denies reports of US compound at Karachi airport

    ISLAMABAD: Secretary Defence Lt Gen (Retd) Asif Yaseen Malik on Wednesday denied the report that the US Army Corps had been permitted to build a Tactical Command and Operations Centre (TCOC) compound at the Karachi Airport. A session of the NAs standing committee on defence was held here in...
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    PTI polls: Old guards lose ground to new entrants (Dawn News)

    There used to be a lot of talk about PTI "dry cleaning" business. IK again came through and showed these thumb suckers how to do this job. I dare these family parties to copy & paste this project.
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    Captains innings (Economist magazine)

    This thread is in response to "Mansif" thread about The Economist prediction for future PM in pakistan. Here is the link,
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    Govt used Nawaz as scarecrow to tame Qadri

    This drama has several layers. Establishment and all the status quo forces were part of this conspiracy. As someone has rightly pointed out, it was choreographed to trap IK/PTI. Ultimately, they themselves found flat footed.