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  1. mustfarhan

    Chill start of year by baba Iqbal

    Loved this one
  2. mustfarhan

    Ritu singh exposed Godi media and Modi

    This girl #RituSingh should be trending. On different platforms she is exposing fascist regime of India to the core..
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    Republicans are not going to give up

    Please read the whole thread, I confirmed by few rep. Officials it's true
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    Another proud moment for Pakistan

    Rescue 1122 earned respect for Pakistan in international community and is recognized by UN officially
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    List of Famous French brands

    These are popular French brands we usually buy from tax free and in malls, it's time to show character and boycott French brands.. Never present then as luxury brand or something desirable. It's your duty now 1) Dior 2) Channel 3) Givenchy 4) Louis Vuitton 5) Yves Saint Laurent 6) Cartier 7)...
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    Someone guide me please

    Now when sindh police has rejected it officially that IG Sindh wasn't kidnapped, can government of Pakistan or any citizen register FIR against zubair, Hamid mir and Maryum for conspiring against armed forces? Is it legally viable? Second question is that government of Sindh or their spokesman...
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    Modi and shareef definitely inspired each other

    Read the whole thread and you would agree 😂👇
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    I live in Norway and always have a drive to do something for Pakistan. I try to do for Pakistan whatever I can.. And it's my honor if Allah has given me taufeeq for a small bit I do. But now here is a confession.. I really love Pakistan and I always thought and believed that hate the crime and...
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    Do we really need more provinces?

    Hello friends.. We have always heard, listened and seen people discussing more provinces should be made.. Most of the time on basis of language or ethnicity but some rational voices demanded new provinces because we have too big provinces which aren't easy to manage.. My question is this that...
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    Ma sha Allah, what a champ!

  11. mustfarhan

    Gulf Muslims waking up about India

  12. mustfarhan

    Quide e Azam's Murder planned by chaddis in 1930

    Can you imagine that when even Muslims were divided about leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinah, Chaddis were clear about their obstacle in their goal and tried to Murder Quaid e Azam. Let's dive into history and learn their reality is ages long hatred.
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    Sabir Shakir exposes wrongly presented report of Transparency international

    Here we witness another low by gang of anti Pakistan forces and our domestic media is their partner. Wtf is with #pemra not taking action
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    How BJP media cell works?

    A media cell member speaking out how BJP almost owns all social media platforms. This will give clue how pmln media cell works.. You will find it amusing how similar pml N media cell is from working to execution and recruitment to making pages which rarely post about politics. Join the fund ride...
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    In June 2019, CJP led a delegation of eminent lawyers and journalists to Assam to take stock of ground realities. During our visit to Bijni in Chirang district we met Biswanath Das whose 70 year old mother Parbati has been languishing in the Kokrajhar Detention Camp for over 2 years and 8...
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    رجب طیب اردگان مسلمانوں کا لیڈر یا ایک مطلب پرست شخص

    طیب اردگان کا بیان سنا اور پڑھا کہ عمران خان کو عربوں نے ملائشیا کی کانفرنس میں شرکت سے روک دیا ہے. جائزہ لینا چاہیے کہ ایسا بیان دینا کیوں پڑا؟ ترک اور سعودی مخاصمت کوئ نئ بات نہیں. ترک قوم جو کبھی خادم حرمین تھی. امیر مکہ کی بغاوت سے اس سعادت سے محروم ہو گئ. خلافت کا بھی خاتمہ ہوگیا. یہاں تک...
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    US Democrats presidential candidate criticism on india

    There is developing story and a standoff between US democrats and Indian government. Indian side cancelled meeting with Democrats because of the presence of a member very vocal on Kashmir. After incident there is growing support and criticism that how come India can decide that who would be part...
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    Sikhs complaining about Indian Government

    Insulting attitude of Indian government and Sikhs are speaking up. After returning from kartarpur they are seen with suspicious
  19. mustfarhan

    Background of our political scene

    Pakiatan like many third world countries has many problems, starting from education to health, from justice to civic responsibility but root cause of all these problems is system of corruption. These corrupt elite politicians and their families which are usually backed by foreign powers mainly...