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    Lajwab service by GPO sialkot

    Jado wo jo sar ke bolay isay kehte hain tabdeeli great service by murad saeed keep it up. wohi haram khori wohi dramay bazi wohi zillat o ruswai bina rishwat ke kam ko ho jaye aisa ho hi nahin sakta. koi bechara bhola bus inke hathe charh jaye uske to kapray b utar lain. chote bahi say kuch...
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    marriage issue

    Dear all, I'm posting this thread on behalf of my brother need some valuable advice from you all My younger brother had an issue with his wife she have left with two kids and refused to come back, after several months of dispute tried every thing possible with each relative to solve the issue...
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    This is how bad situition in PTV

    watch Mahaz with wajahat saeed ptv ka hal dado charger say batain chudwa lo bus. hakoomat suchi ro rahi hai jis idaray main hath dalo bera garak kia howa hai
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    How to fix 400 bad request

    Today when i came back to my house and tried to open on my home laptop and found there is a 400 bad request which will go after refreshing 1 or two times but keep coming back time to time. I thought this post could be helpfull for others who are facing same issue since were...