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    یہودی ایجنٹ کی تلاش

    Umeed ha ap ne ye khabar parh li ho gi.
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    یہودی ایجنٹ کی تلاش

    Imran Khan ki galiyonka hamari discussion se koi ta'lluq nahi tha...Chalen ji jese apki marzi.
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    یہودی ایجنٹ کی تلاش

    Imran Khan kya kehta ha abhi waqt batayega...lekin maulana sahib expose zuroor huay han... unki syasat to ghoomti hi doosronko yahoodi agent kehnay pe ha...Imran Khan to esa nahi kehta
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    یہودی ایجنٹ کی تلاش

    Mohtram! yahoodi agent shayd koi bhi nahi ha...Maulana sahib Imran Khan pe ye ilzam lagatay han...ab koi agent ho ya na ho lekin Maulana sahib k pehlu mein baith kr koi Israel k sath ta'lluqat behtar karnay ki talqeen karay aur Maulana sahib ehtejaj na karen to ye to munafiqat ha na?
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    PTI govt measures pull economy from brink of collapse

    Corona crisis came at a critical time when all the measures taken by the govt. were expected to pay off but it wasn't meant to be.
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    PTI govt measures pull economy from brink of collapse

    Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) came to power on the promise of “Naya Pakistan” and now two years down the road, though the situation is far from perfect, Pakistan is no longer teetering on the edge of collapse. It may seem repetitive but the PTI government did indeed inherit a structurally flawed...
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    Here is the Asia Society Interview of Khwaja Asif, PM Khan was referring

    "We are much more liberal than PTI, in political sense, on foreign policy front. They apeal more to people who are on religious fringes." You lose your credibility when you try to deny the obvious.
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    Well done, Pakistan!

    How well have we managed the ongoing coronavirus crisis? Let’s go back a few weeks. The zaireen (pilgrims) from Taftan were not quarantined properly at the border. The government was a little too late in calling off the Raiwind congregation. And there was hardly any coordination between the...
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    کرونا اور کشمیر

    میں سلطنتِ خیالستان کا بادشاہ ہوں۔ میری سلطنت بڑی وسیع و عریض ہے۔ ماضی قریب میں میری سلطنت کی ایک بڑی ریاست کے گورنر نے ایک ملحقہ چھوٹی ریاست، جہاں ایک اور مذہب کے لوگ آباد تھے، کا محاصرہ کر لیا اور لوگوں پہ انتہا کا ظلم کیا۔ جوانوں کو قتل کیا اور خواتین کی عصمت دری کی۔ میری سلطنت کی ایک اور...
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    Reforms: PTI’s role in uplifting agriculture sector

    LAHORE: How the agriculture sector performs in any given time period has a multiplier effect on not just Punjab’s economy but also Pakistan’s whole economy. Unfortunately, this sector under the previous governments had long suffered from neglect and ad hoc, reactionist interventions, which...
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    Humans Are Guided in Quran; For Dogs & Bitches There is no Shariah Law

    Mohtram! Farz karein un k sath bachpan mein aisa hua ho to ye to bohat afsos ki baat ha, ta'ana denay ko to nahi: bachay to ma'soom hotay han.
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    Pakistan's FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) jumps by massive 78% in Jul-Nov (Tribune)

    To have a final say on this govt.'s performance on economy, your point is valid, nevertheless, improvement is a positive sign and makes one optimistic.
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    Pakistan's FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) jumps by massive 78% in Jul-Nov (Tribune)

    Overall, the foreign investment Pakistan surged by 1,267pc to $2.006 billion during July-November. During the first five months of FY20, investment from the US increased from a negative $95.2 million to $34.9 million. Similarly, foreign investment from Norway jumped from a negative $74.2 million...
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    Vast Pro-Indian Propaganda Network exposed (BBC)

    Pro-Indian 'fake websites targeted decision makers in Europe' The websites sprinkled anti-Pakistan content amongst stories about world news and sport. A global network of pro-Indian fake websites and think-tanks is aimed at influencing decision-making in Europe, researchers say. The...
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    Why is Imran Khan so angry? (Tribune)

    The minute IK stops being angry, you’ll know he’s become part of the status quo. Imran Khan’s anger makes everyone angry. Critics and friends tell him to tone down his anger and get along with the opposition. The politics of re-conciliation works better than confrontation, they argue, with IK...
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    My complaint to the Prime Minister (Tribune) - Tabdeeli ki chhoti si jhalak

    Recently, I ran an experiment. I asked my team to file three complaints on the Prime Minister’s much talked-about Citizen’s Portal App. The idea was to assess the effectiveness of this unique citizen-government interface. The complaints related to Lahore were selected because they pertained...
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    یہ پلاسٹک کے انصافی۔

    Let four weeks pass and we'll see. I think Nawaz is genuinely ill and Khan allowed Nawaz to go on purely humanitarian basis.