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    Hamid Mir apologizes from Army and ISI, Is it true ? or his account is hacked ?

    Pawariooooo! Ammi aa gai 674224239898136577 674225850875777024
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    کے پی پولیس بے نقاب

    Police, devolution and terrorism Around the middle of November, I initiated an email correspondence with two differententities. One was addressed to the chief of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) police. The other directed at the current head of an institution that is supposed to be flourishing under...
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    Reasons of PTI lose

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    "گدھا دو،ووٹ لو"

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    BlackBerry confirms Pakistan exit, rejects govt demand to monitor data

    ISLAMABAD: BlackBerry will not operate in Pakistan after Nov 30, Chief Operating Officer Marty Beard confirmed in a statement posted to the smartphone makers' website. Beard says the company will exit the market because "remaining in Pakistan would have meant forfeiting our commitment to...
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    فیتا کاٹ حکمت عملی

    جب چھ ماہ مہیں بجلی پوری نہ ہوئی،تو نا اہل نورے سائنسدان کیسے اپنی نااہلی چھپانےاور پیسے بنانے کے لیے "فیتا کاٹ" حکمت عملی متعارف کروائی . بجلی کو ہی لی جیئے اصلاحات کی بجائے آئےروز ایک ادھوری سی فزیبلٹی رپورٹ پر فیتہ کاٹا جاتا ہے،افتتاح سے دو ہفتے پہلے اور دو ہفتے بعد تک اربوں روپے کے اشتہارات...
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    آج کی تصویر

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    شیر،کا طلبہ کے والدین پر دباو
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    ECC to take up for review $25m package for sugar mills

    ISLAMABAD: The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC), scheduled to meet on Monday, is likely to approve a bailout package of over $25 million for sugar millers with a green signal for exports and subsidy, officials say. The Ministry of Industries and Production will seek the ECCs approval for a...
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    Are we purposely ignoring child sexual abuse in Pakistan (and our homes)?

    The Pakistani medias convincing rhetoric regarding the term sexual abuse and heart wrenching words such as rape and molestation have rightly highlighted the unjust practices that continue to affect our society. However, at times (or always) the hidden truth remains buried in the ground and the...
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    Non-textile exports decline 22pc

    Non-textile exports decline 22pc ISLAMABAD: Pakistans non-textile exports fell by 22.56 per cent to $2.605 billion during the first four months (July-Oct) of 2015-16 from $3.364bn in the same period last year, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics data showed on Friday. Product-wise details showed a...
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    Textile: Exporters furious over cut in gas supply

    تجربہ کاری یا گندی بیماری FAISALABAD: Textile exporters have resented a reduction in gas supply quota for their industrial units terming it an attempt to shatter the whole industrial chain. They were of the view that apart from the industrys sufferings, the government will ultimately lose on...
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    Good Governance at its best
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    اسلام کے نام سیاست
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    آپ کے جوابات پڑھنے کے بعد،میں نے متنازعہ تصویر ہٹادی ،کیونکہ احتمال تھا فورم پر اشتعال پھیلے
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    Punjab Text book board ,Role model for other Provinces
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    پارٹی ٹکٹ کے نام پر کروڑوں کا کاروبار

    اتنی بڑی رقم جائے گی کہاں اور پیسے دے کر ضلعی اسمبلی کا حصہ بننے والے اپنے پیسےکہاں سے پورے کریں گے؟ بلدیاتی انتخابات کے ابتدائی مرحلے میں مسلم لیگ نواز نے ضلع فیصل آباد میں بھاری اکثریت کے ساتھ کامیابی حاصل کی ہے۔ دوسرے مرحلے میں چئیرمین/نائب چئیرمین ضلع کونسل، مئیر/ڈپٹی مئیر میونسپل...
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    Rural political sense

    It’s a fascinating and somewhat baffling study of human psychology to observe an election in a village in Sindh. Let’s first look at the backdrop in which recent local government elections took place in some districts in the province. Villages across these areas present a uniformly bleak and...
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    اور پھر "ریلوے "بدل گئی!