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  1. bilalahmedkhan

    Good governance: Panic takes its toll on currency market as dollar nears Rs108

    KARACHI: The US dollar continued to rise despite ample supply and traded as high as Rs107.70 in the open market on Tuesday, bringing into question the strategy adopted by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and exchange companies to keep the greenback at Rs106.20. Currency experts believe that...
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    Imran Khan Sees His Vindication in a Calmer Pakistan. - The New York Times

    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Imran Khan, the former cricket star turned politician and would-be leader of Pakistan, would like to say, “I told you so.” He told the Americans not to invade Iraq — “Now look at it,” he said. He campaigned against their invasion of Afghanistan — “All that trillion...
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    Dont take armys statement on governance negatively: Imran Khan

    PESHAWAR: PTI chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday said the armys statement regarding good governance should not be taken negatively. A democratic government should not consider itself a kingdom as it is answerable to the people, he said while speaking at the Public Liaison Council inaugural...
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    Tweet of the day!!!

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    Tweets from homosexual marriage supporter and Shireen Mazari's daughter

    663590115328008193 663657303497973760 663659652069130240 663661253282369536 بندہ پوچھے تیری اماں جی کیوں تحریک انصاف کو ڈیفنڈ کر رہی ہے ؟ کسی نے کچھ غلط نہیں کیا تھا اس پے تنقید کر کے یہ لبرل فسادیوں کا بس چلے تو یہ پاکستان میں ہم جنس پرستی لیگل کردے
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    میں ڈرتا ورتا کسی سے نہیں!!

    اسلام آباد: لال مسجد کے سابق نائب خطیب عبدالرشید غازی قتل کیس میں عدالت نے سابق صدر پرویز مشرف کی میڈیکل رپورٹ پر سوالات اٹھا دیئے ہیں۔ غازی عبدالرشید قتل کی کی سماعت ایڈیشنل سیشن جج پرویز قادر میمن نے کی۔ سماعت کے موقع پر پرویز مشرف کے وکیل ملک طاہر ایڈوکیٹ کا کہنا تھا کہ ان کے موکل کی کمر...
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    !عمران خان پر ایٹمی حملے کی تیاری

    عمران خان جس نے اپنی زندگی کے ١٩ سال اس قوم کو جگانے میں لگا دیے لیکن آج وہ اپنی زندگی کے ایک مشکل ترین دور سے گزر رہا ہے طلاق کے بعد ایسا لگتا ہے سارے مخالفین اس کی سیاست کو دفن کرنے میں پیش پیش ہیں اور خان صاحب کی سابقہ اہلیہ سے رابطے کرنے کی کوشش کر رہے ہیں اور پوری کوشش کر رہے ہیں کہ کسی...
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    Hilarious! Punjabi Totay on Imran Reham Divorce !!

    Although i'm a PTI supporter but i can't stop laughing after watching this.... :lol::lol::lol: 919372148153243
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    Fake Presiding Officer arrested in Lahore UC-148

    Rigging in UC-148 by PML-N fake presiding officer.
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    اب ہوسکتی ہے رحام کی تحریک انصاف میں انٹری

    طلاق کی یہ وجوہات تو ہو سکتی ہیں کہ بہنیں اور خاندان سخت ناراض تھے اور رہام خان سیاست میں حصّہ لینا چاہتی تھی لیکن ایک اور وجہہ جو ہے میرے خیال سے کہ اب رہام تحریک انصاف میں باقاعدہ حصّہ لے گی کیونکہ اگر رہام بیوی کی طور پر حصّہ لیتی تو عمران خان کے خاندانی سیاست کے موقف کی دھجیاں اڑ جانی...
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    Dollar rate increased , Pakistan's external debt increased by Rs.84 billion

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    نظم! اک پٹواری کا برگر کو کرارا جواب

    روشن پاکستان بناواں گے برگراں نو اسی رلاواں گے بتیاں اسی بھجاواں گے پاور پلانٹاں دا ٹیر لاواں گے عوام نو پھدو بناوان گے لیٹریںان دی بتی بھجاواں گے بھاؤ بھاؤ کر کے ڈراواں گے عمران نو فیر وخاواں گے ووٹ لے کے فیر اسسمبلیاں چے جاوان گے فیرملک نو خاواں گے عوام دا خون سکاواں گے میٹرو بس...
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    Why people vote for MQM and the main reason behind terrorism in karachi and it's solution!!!

    I don't know what is going on in this country and why there is no rule of law in this country. This country is full of corrupt cronies and these filthy rulers are abusing this nation for decades and nation still vote for these people. Now come to the topic, What happened to the establishment? i...
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    Poor governance- By Tasneem Noorani

    ONE of the definitions of governance is “establishing of policies [and rules], and continuous monitoring of their proper implementation by the members of the governing body [government] of an organisation [country]”. In Pakistan, however, we announce policies and make rules and then devise ways...
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    Nations have so many hopes from sir Raheel Sharif. Sack cruel sharif kingdom!!!

    Dear Raheel sir, Sharif kindom is pushing this country towards darkness by showing some fruits of development which are temporary by taking loans. Sharif kingdom have had broken all the records of taking loans. Sir Raheel you're such an audacious general and nation have so many hopes from you...
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    NASA offers daily look at earth from space!!

    NASA has launched a new website this week showcasing beauty shots of Earth as it rotates over a 24-hour period. The photos are taken from the vantage point of the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR), which is positioned a million miles away from Earth. Every day, visitors to the new website...
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    Worst candidates choice of PTI for LB's in lahore! Be ready for the worst defeat ever.

    Who distributed tickets for LB's in Lahore?? The worst candidates choice ever by any party. From our area matric pass+Gambler+Laziest PTI candidate is contesting for Chairman seat whereas PMLN's candidate is a MSC teacher and his reputation is good in our area. In my neighborhood UC a member of...
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    PM Nawaz urges Ban Ki-moon for plebiscite in Kashmir

    ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Sunday called upon United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for a plebiscite in Kashmir, stressing on the need for implementation of the United Nation’s Security Council Resolution in this regard. The premier also raised the issue of tensions...
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    Army, Imran Khan, Family limited parties and Pakistan!

    Is Gen. Raheel Sharif going to impose martial law in some months? It's a million dollar question but nobody knows the answer and everybody is tying to prove their own theory. There are two types of theories which i have heard from some people that 1) Gen Raheel Shareef is a partriotic general...