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    Please Invest Just 2 Minutes. It May Change Your Life...

    beautiful, thanks for sharing this.
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    We will fully control inflation in next two months - Sheikh Rasheed

    sheikh rashid, ye lan'ati bee leader hai.
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    Apple unveils iPhone 12 with 5G, including ‘Mini’ & ‘Pro’ versions

    In the Box iPhone with iOS 14 USB-C to Lightning Cable Documentation No charger and No Earbuds - Take that!
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    Deep State in Pakistan - Hillary Clinton

    Every country has army, Pakistan army has country. Army Inc - they are they root of all evil - for last 70 years they are eating like plague who created Nawaz, who created Altaf, and zardari. they are like Egypt army when the time comes they roll over tanks on own ppl including you who are...
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    Is MBS going to recognize Israel --- like Bahrain and UAE?

    to hide his dark crimes, he has to or ...
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    جب پیپر میں آؤٹ آف سلیبس سوال آ جاۓ

    This traitor puppet got push from MBS .
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    Make Money by investing Safely in Pakistan with Roshan Digital Account

    HATE "interest" - devil's contract -
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    Gwadar Marine Drive Night Time View

    hai to achha, buss Allah na kare china na maangg le hum se
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    PM Imran Khan's Remarks during his visit to Tarlai Model Panahgah today

    We salute you our Prime Minister - may God bless you and keep you in His amaan.
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    چینی صدر کا پاکستان آنے سے انکار یہودی ایجنٹ کی تباہ کاریاں جاری

    Koi ja ke +ve kaam ker jiss se pakistan ko faida ho, ye chutyape jarrna bundh ker, marriam ke tunkha per chalne walle gutia insaan.
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    Imran Khan is not corrupt but not Revolutionary Leader

    fakir in nature - may Allah grant him the keys of Ka'bah and lead the muslim nation on the globe -
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    Elon Musk's Neuralink brain chip demo explained

    it gonna be real weird if they directly inject ads in your mind -
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    Ertugrul was a Pagan

    ye lan'ti kuin hai, exmuslim - citizen bun ne ke chuker main christien bun ne walle kafir - Ertugrul is/was muslim Alhumdolliah.
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    Army chief announces Rs 50 million Fund for revival of hockey

    classic parallel govt. - iss ke baap ka paisa hai jo dhe raha hai -
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    A request too PM Imran Khan

    rather army IK should send some CPEC projects to fix this once for all.
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    Arnab: The News Prostitute

    Thank-you RGV for exposing this monster.