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    Are you Happy with Imran Khan's policies? - Road Show

    Poverty is a curse for Pakistanis. Dearness has been going up day by day. No relief for the poor in Pakistan.
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    Nawaz Sharif and Establishment inside story History and today

    Imran Riaz Khan expressed the truth about Mian Nawaz Sharif that he is frustrated now about his political career. COAS , Qamar Haved Bajwa , acted honesty and spelled out that he can not Help Mian Nawaz Sharif in getting release from Pakistani courts.
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    اعلامیے کی تیاری کے دوران لڑائی کیوں ہوئی؟ ؟

    Siddiq Jan is a truthful journalist ; he calls spade a spade. If the opposition resigns from their seats of MNAs, Senators and MPAs, then TLP will be sure beneficiary of Mid - term elections. PPP and PML(N) will suffer the worst Defeat in next elections. Pakistanis are fully aware of the...
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    Yeh Film naheen chalay gee!

    I also agree that the trick of the opposition will end in smoke In Shaa Allah. MRD of the opposition in the past also ended up without any favorable result.
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    Haroon Rasheed analysis on Nawaz Sharif's speech in APC

    Yes, I do agree with Haroon Rashid.
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    Murtaza Bhutto ka murder, Exclusive interview of Ahsan ul Haq Bhatti.

    No justice for the poor in Pakistan. Massacre of 12 PAT workers at the residence of Allama Tahir Ul Qadri but LHC released the rogue of PML(N), Gullu Butt, but no action against the killers.
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    APC and Next 18 Hours | Details by Siddique Jaan and Adeel Warraich

    Siddiq Jan is a better journalist and speaks the truth irrespective of any party.
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    Taliban ki India ko dhamki | Haqeeqat kya hai | Imran Khan

    I also agree to the views of Imran Khan, TV anchor, 100%. We, Pakistanis, are easily misled by anti Pakistan elements.
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    Especially For Pm Imran Khan | Maryam Sheikh

    Yes, Maryam Sheikh is right ; Punjab Police must be strict in dealing with those do not follow the directions of Govt. to keep safe from Corona Virus.
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    We are shocked at the Brutality & Islamophia in India, Arab News Editor.

    Arab Rulers failed to condemn and denounce the genocide of Muslims by RSS and Indian Biased Police towards Muslims in India. Pakistan , Turkey and Malaysia denounced Indian hostility towards Muslims openly and clearly.
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    PM Imran Khan decides to attend the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum

    May Allah Help Imran Khan against his ill-wishers everywhere! Mysterious are the ways of Allah. We, Pakistanis, are mostly dishonest and have double faced.
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    Fitna (Fazalur Rehman)

    This brave Pakistani showed the true face of Moulana Fazal Ur Rahman. I agree to this Pakistani 100%.
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    FIA raided Nasir Butts home accused in Judge video scandle found illegal weapons and some technical gadgets

    Nothing will happen because our judiciary is incompetent.Moreover, Nasir Butt is at London [UK].
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    سیاست پی کے عمران بچاؤ مہم پر ؟؟؟

    Imran Khan is an honest leaders and he is liked by Pakistanis except biased Pakistanis. No other leader in Pakistan measures up to Imran Khan in the matter of speaking the truth. Moreover, Imran Khan's hands are not stained with the bloods of like the leaders of PPP and PML(N).
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    Qari Zawar Bahadur Reply to Fazal ur Rehman About His Dharna & Well Done Imran Khan For UNA Speech

    Qari Zawar Bahadur is a TLP leader but he showed the true face of Bikao Mullah, Moulana Fazal Ur Rahman. I am amazed at those who still support this "Indian Agents". JUI [Hind] evne today support Narander Modi, the Killer of Humanity.