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    ملتان:ربیع الاول کے جلوس میں'حور' کی شرکت،تحریک التواء پنجاب اسمبلی میں جمع

    This is why milaad should be banned, and all mazaars and khangahs should be shut for good.
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    Asma Shirazi was talking about Maryam, but PTI ministers got angry!!!

    Just highlighting her hypocrisy. on Eid Al Adha, she tweeted that we should be kind to animals and let them an obvious potshot to the practice of qurbani. Maybe she will wake up long enough to comment on Maryams tweet as well.
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    یونیورسٹی کی فیس نہ ہونے کی وجہ سے سڑک کنارے برتن بچتی دو بہنیں

    Students in the western world routinely work in fast food joints, or as waiters at restaurants, or deliver pizzas for dominos, deliver newspaper, mow lawns, and what not. Its not a sob story. Its a success story. These girls are doing what they need to do. This is the beginning of an...
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    Asma Shirazi was talking about Maryam, but PTI ministers got angry!!!

    dumb witch......This is withcraft...not what goes on in bani gala. stupid Pakistanis have turned islam into a joke because of their shenanigans. One look at eid milad rallies and you get the idea. And then you have clowns like this guy, with a witch tweeting this out of joy. Morons
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    Asma Shirazi was talking about Maryam, but PTI ministers got angry!!!

    Someone tag Ghareeda Farooqi........waiting for her golden words on this. She was quick to comment on Eid al Adha, and the sunnah of sacrifice...idhar kuch awaz ayee us ki?
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    نواز شریف پنجابی ہے، اپنا حق لے کر رہے گا،نااہلی کا فیصلہ واپس ہوگا، ثنابچہ

    Lol....Stupid ass comment. 'punjabi slaves' elected PMLN several times, despite no progress in their ranks. 'Pukhtoon pathans' kicked PPP, PMLN and JUIs ass every time they failed. So who 'questions' more? Who uses their brain ? Certainly not bucha.
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    Sad Thing about Pakistan Pavilion in Dubai EXPO!!!

    It's about attracting people to your country. Tourism is our biggest original seller. What's wrong in selling that?
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    Why Pmln Party President Always Has To Be From Sharif Family? Vasay Ch

    Because you have to be an ahole in order to head the party. And the best ones come from the family
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    چینی اور آٹے کی قیمت کا گلوبل انفلیشن سے کیا تعلق ہے؟ ریما عمر

    Biggest casualty of private media has been common sense
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    After getting the tank filled today :P

    Nope...I'm just wondering how thoroughly detached our public is from the world that while they have shortcuts for all social media apps on their mobiles, the one thing they don't bother seeing is ' the news'. Ever checked on world oil prices?. I didn't think so
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    حکومت پٹرول اور چرس کا یکساں ٹیرف مقرر کرنا چاہتی ہے۔ عابد شیر علی much as PMLN is a basket case, hw do they tolerate him in the party?
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    ہماری اداروں سے دشمنی نہیں بس گلہ ہے، مولانا فضل الرحمن

    hes close to turning his beard into a brush to polish Bajwas shoes.
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    After getting the tank filled today :P

    Pakistani public is only good for tiktok or instagram. Maybe they should make 'video bazi' the national game and remove hockey. Losers
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    پیٹرول کی قیمتوں میں اضافہ، فہدمصطفیٰ کا وزیراعظم پر طنز

    Pakistani public at large is illiterate.....they should just shut up most of the time