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  • Waseem Bhai, Assalam Alaikum
    I post a thread title "کفر اور اسلام کیسا - آپ اور ہم ایک ہیں "
    It stayed for some time then disappear.
    May I know, is that removed by you for some reason ?????
    could u pls do something about this message from winneage on my thred kargil hero on siase video.

    siddiqui, ye hukumat oor baad me most likely teri Nawaz badmaaash ki hukuumat jab teri peeche se le gi to rona nahi, aaj saare economy ki baat karte hen, why it is going down, people know that in Musharraf's time what the actual situation was , Allah Musharraf ko dobaara Pakistan me hukuumat de, Pakistan will rise inshAllah
    O Bhae Allah kay wastay meri B post merged na kia karo. sari mehnat zaya ho jati hay. or ous ka netaja nahi nekelta. post ko naam
    Pir Sahib Pagara with LOVE before Avery post avg is 1200 this is only 75 my brother make this animations and give it to me plz be fair
    Hi I am the one who promote your site too much in Toronto, I dont understand that why my name (Pakistanstube) you did not post comments are thread directly. Last time two days ago I thread one Hasan Nasar Vs Altaf Hussain was not cleared yet by one of your moderator. If you have some political affiliation I can understand that your problems. If there is any other reasons please let me know. I keep my respect and never ever visit your site in future. I can change my user name and enter there too but I am not that much Bagharat.
    O Bhae Allah kay wastay meri post merged na kia karo. sari mehnat zaya ho jati hay.

    I created the thread: 'Video: Hazrat-e-Umer Aur Usman (RA) Ki Shahadat Ka Tarikhi Pas-e-Manzar - Dr. Israr' to 'increase';

    (1) knowledge
    (2) awareness

    of our people. Not to start a word brawl.

    This is important information that every Muslim needs to be aware of. There are people out there who question Muslims about deaths of;

    (1) Umar (RA, RAA)
    (2) Usman (RA, RAA)
    (3) Ali (RA, RAA)

    and cite circumstances of their death as reason(s) for noting them as 'failures'. Plus these same people 'claim' Khilafat was a failed system citing the circumstances of deaths of Khulafa-e-Rashideen. It is my wish to increase knowledge, awareness of every common man Muslim, so they can address this question with arguments.

    Salam, Can you please add the shows as a single clip instead of posting in 5 or 6 parts, as done in past???? Please. As Mr. SV is posting every show in parts. It becomes very convinient to see the show as a single clip.
    Thanks a lot in advance.
    hey mod!
    when i m suppose to be kicked???

    Please change the title of the post ..............سانپ کا بیٹا سنپولیہ - Educating future politicians

    We should not label a ten year old child as SEMPOOLIA..........Thanks.
    Commander Sb.

    Thanks for the corrections. May Allah bless you. Jazzak Allah. I regret I forgot inserting Sallah-o-Alaih-e-Wassallam.
    brother commander I did not find italian flag It is mentioned in list but it does not work

    Allah Hafiz
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