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    Is Crypto investment Haram?

    what he meant is he does not know for sure about all of them, if they are alike they should be good as well, it has a value since people mine them sped money on its production its not coming from thin air
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    Is Crypto investment Haram?

    One of the best answer Please brother use better words when referring to someone this is the teaching of our Prophet SAW
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    Exemplary Pakistani hospitality

    Unfortunately its so true, even in western countries Muslims they go beyond anything to impress non Muslims in order to make them Muslims and when treating a Muslim they will push him to become a non Muslim. Allah forgive our short comings.
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    Aftab Iqbal Gustakhi controversy | What did he say | Maale Ghanimat

    You point is very valid, but at the same time these people should not bring Shahbiat and Shabah in their talks as an example specially if they criticizing. There are other examples in history, people have great respect and love for them. N league will definitely take the advantage of the situation.
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    Aftab Iqbal Gustakhi controversy | What did he say | Maale Ghanimat

    with due respect in this very forum if someone say anything against anyone, he start swearing on him and you think people do not get emotional about Sahaba and Ahle bait and Rasul Allah SAW.
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    Fawad Chaudhery's birthday party but where are the SOPs?

    Did not you see one mask in it?
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    افواج پاکستان کا تمسخر اڑانے پر عدالت میں کیس چلے گا، ترمیمی بل منظور

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    پیپلزپارٹی عمران خان کے متبادل کے طور پر تیار؟سہیل وڑائچ کے انکشافات

    With due respect I had the same feeling he is uttering non sense, but why we start cursing, bashing, humiliating. Why can not we listen something against our thoughts. Some how I feel we are very emotional people. We start hating each other for very petty things. He may not even see these...
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    کیا واقعی اسلام سے پہلے لڑکیوں کو زندہ دفن کردیا جاتا تھا؟

    but it was Islam told them in that ignorant times that it is not just bad but a crime in the eyes of Allah SWT it was big change of that time. Yes Islam gave them this right, its not a lie but a truth, not only that people use to marry as many women as they wanted and even women were used to be...
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    کیا واقعی اسلام سے پہلے لڑکیوں کو زندہ دفن کردیا جاتا تھا؟

    Now a days people do it hiddenly, in that era it was done without openly. Both are bad but it was worst and was not a punishable crime. It is a punishably crime these days.
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    کیا واقعی اسلام سے پہلے لڑکیوں کو زندہ دفن کردیا جاتا تھا؟

    Brother you are talking to ashiest, they do not believe anything unless some western scientist say something even if that is a lie or just their theory.
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    !!!!میرا جسم، میری مرضی

    You are absolutely correct if it were for the others, but they do it for Allah SWT not for others. If someone is doing for others I am with you she should not do it then.
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    Maulana Tariq Jameel's new clothing brand gets massive attention on SM

    I will encourage you to go some renowned Shia scholar and have a discussion with him you will be surprised. I am not sure if you are in Pakistan or abroad. One good thing being out of Pakistan is you get to know other sect better without any prejudice. There are so many myths about Shiaism in...