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    Macro Mart biggest shopping mall in Peshawar Pakistan opens

    Sir ye ik hi group tha jo split ho gaya tha. Makro and Metro parent company/ownership was the same. Makro has been around in Europe for more than 50 years now
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    کیا یہ ایک ملک ہے یا اشرافیہ کی چراگاہ؟ کب تک ' آخر کب تک؟ہارون رشید

    Bhai sb gadha buht mehnga hota he. Albatta khota kissi kaam ka nahi hota.
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    Black Teen Set on Fire by Group of White Men in Wisconsin

    Bhai sb ye log Americans he from turkish decent
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    China Will Not Relent in Ladakh-Pravin Sawhney, 25/06/2020

    This is understandable - China wouldn’t want India US relations to grow and also let US occupy space in a highly strategic point. Ladakh, Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan are very important for OneBelt initiative. China has spent 100 of billions on this and cant just leave it to India for for that sake...
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    PKR's parity with USD

    Its all about teaming up and keeping the worlds wealth in one place or under one currency. Currently the US is world economic leader that controls oil, media, technology, IMF, UN and with EU as partner in crime - the rest of the world is forced to trade in USD
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    ہم اپنے حقوق کے لیے باہر نکلے تو کوئی سنبھال نہیں پائے گا: بلاول بھٹو

    Jis din Sindhi apne huqooq k like bahir nikal ai tu us din Ghari Khuda Basksh ke murde gatar me se baramad ho ge.
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    گورنر ہاؤس لاہور میں ڈاکٹر نے خاتون کو زیادتی کا نشانہ بنا ڈالا

    InshAllah ager jurm hua he tu saza milni chaiye Ya Allah kia purane Pakistan me ye sab mumkin tha. Kia police ki majal thi ke governor house me aa ker karwai kare.
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    دوسروں کو کہتے ہیں،وبا میں نوکریوں سے نہ نکالیں،خود نکال رہے ہیں:شہباز شریف

    MashaAllah - MSS sb - the plan is to give wages for next 3 years as a package. This should be enough for many to have their own small business setup, house/land developed.
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    Commission report was made public to hide the truth - Shahid Khaqan

    Commission Report was made public to hide the truth - Humm - and this holy grail of wisdom was PMLN's choice to be PM of Pakistan.
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    If S.S. arrests NS will come back Pakistan?

    Please arrest SS so that NS can come back and bless the jail to complete the sentence. He better bring a life potion with him this time.
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    پی آئی اے طیارہ حادثہ انکوائری رپورٹ کی مدت 3ماہ دی گئی تاکہ سب بھول جائیں

    It has got nothing to do with Politics, MMA, JI/ However - what does anyone of us or Siraj Ul Haq know about airplane crash enquiry. If any avionics expert or air crash expert says that 3 months is too long or too short for this then it is worth it. My comment is related to him making a...
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    پی آئی اے طیارہ حادثہ انکوائری رپورٹ کی مدت 3ماہ دی گئی تاکہ سب بھول جائیں

    Siraj ul Haq sb aap preshaan na ho. Hum KPK walo ko ab tak tareekh ki badtareen MMA ki govt yaad he. Har muhallay ka uchaka badmaash qabza group app ka party ka worker tha. InshaAllah hum ye enquiry bhi nahi bhole ge
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    Govts should not put all its resources for this one disease. SC

    Dunya me kahi bhi aesa beghairat yarkan zadda judicial system kahe bhi nahi ho ga.
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    میرےخلاف ایک دھیلےکی کرپشن ثابت ہوجائے تو میں ابھی مستعفی ہوجاؤں گا- شہباز

    Haji sb ap kutch na kare. Bas ye bata de 10 bhenso se aap ye life style kis tarha afford kerte he. Aap ka kharcha billions me he - bas hume 10 ki aamdan aur kharcha blance ker dijiye. JazakAllah
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    Penultimate Ertugral Tweet.

    Connection with Saudia and Turkey is based on faith. Can it get any stronger than that. Ask any muslim specially a Pakistani in the whole wide world what does Islam, Haram (Makkah and Madina) means to him? You will understand the connection and roots equation