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    Javed latif will go to SC to challenge Majority In Joint Parliament

    Thoook key chatna in nooniyu ki aadat hey..............abhi kuch saaal pehley kehtey hey Parliament supreme hey and now they are going to challenge the supremacy of parliament
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    Covid Cases are sky rocketing in India - 1 million cases in last 10 days

    In sha Allah aur bhi bura ho es facist state key saath
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    Pentagon chief says China is no match for the US Navy

    Yeah we know...........that's why americans were freaked out and blacked out when they came close to china ..........american army without communication is like wandering dogs
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    چلو جی پاکستانی انٹی سمٹیزم قانون بھی آ رہا ہے

    Loo...unno koi uday apney ghar nay ghusney deta tusi london bhej rahey ooo
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    Why should we not call you a Lifafa???

    @tareekh Phati...........another bloody endian agant on the forum
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    Sohail Warraich on his book ban

    he is certified an a$$hole.........Book likhney ki bhi tameez was not a book and just maligning the army and he knew it book will not be accepted and bought so he put carton on the cover page so everyone will talk about it.
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    Pervez Rasheed Speech in Senate on Motorway Incident

    yeh harami itney din baaad kahan sey aa gaya
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    حکومت نے کیس کو بہت بری طرح ہینڈل کیا - رانا ثنااللہ

    haan es criminal sey poch liya jata pehley kesey 14 logon ko qatal kerney key baad justice system ko kaisay avoid kerna hey
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    Geo News's Breaking News LOLz

    insaaanoon ka thathay marta houa sumandar
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    آزاد عدلیہ اس میں بھی ملوث نکلی

    Buhat jald yeh judges har jaga logoon sey chittar khaney waley hein
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    Suspects have been identified and a manhunt is underway to arrest them - IG

    I think they will be killed now before they apprehandid