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    Power of Social Media, Iftikhar Iffi Allotted Plot by Malik Riaz

    Iffi bhai abhi malak riaz ka shukariya asa na karain. Pahlay sab kai liyay wesay hi struggle or appeal karain. Ye kia ap ko mil gaya to sab ok ?
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    ہم خلائی مخلوق ہیں

    Ye sonia sadaf bhi patwaran nikli
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    آپ سے کچھ نہیں ہونا!

    Abhi to process bhi nahi start hoa. It takes decades to change behaviours at least.
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    Vakeel karain ya Judge??

    Pahlay waqeel karo or phir us kai sath mil kai judge karo. Asay hi hota hai. Yehi to almiya hai .
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    What will be the shape of Pakistan justice in coming 5 years?

    Yes there is no harm in believing it. It might not happen but one should always hope for best. Lol. Allah is the biggest planner .
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    IK Has Completely Exposed All Mafias, They All Trying To Protect Each Other

    Abhi tak to sirf baatain hi hain.
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    The flaw in Pakistans tourism strategy

    We dnt need to follow any country. We can lead by example. We are better than any other country why should we follow. We have all seasons. We have hot and cold weather. You can feel really hot and cold in the same country at the same time. Where else would anyone find this. There are many...
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    The flaw in Pakistans tourism strategy

    Jab tak molvi educated nahi hongay. It will be very tough . Alcohol is not essential in tourism. Ppl still go to places where alcohol is prohibited. That shudnt be a problem.
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    عمران خان کا فرانسیسی ٹی وی کو انٹرویو

    Kash agar kahin aqal mil sakti hoti to mai khushi say thread starter ko khareed kai deta.
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    Jahangeer Tareen todays statement

    The day we start using our own mind instead of the versions given by media and so called intellectuals who are below average people anyways. That day will be the game changer .
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    Jahangeer Tareen todays statement

    I'm surprised at reaction of most people here. Imran khan is the change in Pakistan. He was coming to power no matter what, no matter jkt or any other establishment. He will also be our next pm. Inshallah. I always feared this would happen . Jkt was trying to be assistant pm more powerful than...
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    Caption Time

    Ye acha hai. Saray ashiqan yehi karo. Shawa