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Coronavirus in Pakistan
PUNJAB 1163 BALUCHISTAN 185 Deaths 45
KP 372 AJK/GB 218 Recovered 170

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    which politician does this person look like :D

    How you know No one has seen her
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    Honest Analysis of Imran Khan's Cowardice

    Choot kay dhakan I didn’t abuse anyone in my post Just want you youthias to listen
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    Honest Analysis of Imran Khan's Cowardice

    Very good post, good to see positive and genuine criticism hope youthias will refrain from abusing this journalist by accusing him of lifafa and describing how handsome Khan is youthiapa ke bee koee hud honee chahaiya Come on Youthias just listen to him don’t worry you will still get paid...
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    شہبازشریف نے لاک ڈاؤن کے دوران خوراک اور ادویات کی فراہمی کا پلان جاری کردی

    Civilians were never allowed to complete tenures, only your boot heroes did extended tenures, how many did they build ? how many in kpk 8 year rule have been built?
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    شہبازشریف نے لاک ڈاؤن کے دوران خوراک اور ادویات کی فراہمی کا پلان جاری کردی

    Exactly my point: analysis or criticism should be fair and in perspective,
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    شہبازشریف نے لاک ڈاؤن کے دوران خوراک اور ادویات کی فراہمی کا پلان جاری کردی

    do you want to ask the same question to military as well? Mushy ruled 11 years
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    Senior Journalist Imran Khan Challenged to PM Imran Khan

    To be fair, I think prime minister handled and spoke well, after a long time And most of our journalists are pathetic there was no need to take Mir Shakeel name There would be thousands of innocents in jail
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    جیدے کی بونگیاں

    Rana sb kabhee apnee Zaban par ghaur kiya hay??
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    How do we stop these people?

    aur kabotar kay Potay walay ku?
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    راولپنڈی میں پہلا کورونا کیس سامنے آ گیا

    Because it was an impossible requirement to begin with, there are no such facilities or certificates available
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    Phonk Wali Sarkar in Isolation

    Yeh sala kul kabootar kay potay say Coronavirus ka ilaaj walay thread par bhee aysee he bakwas kr raha tha Koee buhut barda Jahil hay May Allah protect us from Jahils like him Obviously he believes in this kind of jahalat
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    Remittances rise 5.4 percent to US$ 15.12bn during first 8 months of FY20

    I hope you know all you mentioned makes up a very small percentage of total import bill,
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    Khalil Ur rehmaan qamar new unedited , non aired tv show portion

    If anyone wonders why all youthias liking this writer ? Because he is full of abuses, youtias thrive and just love galee galoch Nobody gives a shit about poor women’s rights
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    Women march is a serious matter.

    Poors protesting don’t get attention unfortunately