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    Nawaz Sharif leaves for London through air ambulance from Lahore Airport (Footage)

    میں بکا نہیں میں جھکا نہیں میں نکل گیا جہاز پر جو بنے ہوئے ہیں لندن میں مجھے ان فلیٹوں میں تلاش کر
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    نواز شریف کب پاکستان سے جارہے ہیں؟

    ‏شہباز شریف کو لکھے گئے خط کے آخر میں نوازشریف نے درج ذیل شعر لکھا تھا، ذرائع اکبرؔ نے سنا ہے اہل غیرت سے یہی چلو نس جائیے ایتھوں تہاڈی پین دی سری
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    Torrential rain at Azadi Dherna!!!

    Shiq no 6 ki waja se aasman ko bhi gussa aagaya, badloon nay kaha ye kya gando giri ho rahi hay 😃
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    Tariq Bashir Cheema badly exposed Muhammad Malick in live show - Must Watch

    Maalik himself used to be contractor during Mushy era his company was given the contract for numbers of DHA contracts, yes he has alot of do with mafia, this story has conflict of interest
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    XOOM is stoping remitances to Pakistan.

    i was about to send money to Pakistan via zoom, thanks for letting me know
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    India: Muslim man named Aslam Khan lynched by Mob !- lynchistan!

    This is what Qaid-e-Azam has sensed 70 plus years ago, all those muslims who had chosen to remain in India was due to their own greed, now paying the price of it, i am so happy that hindu are showing their true color and time is teaching these people a perfect lesson
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    What did PM Imran Khan and Donald Trump say about Aafia Siddiqui's issue? Watch !

    She is irrelevant, anyone who know her and know the views of her family can easily understand that they are extremist to the core, Pakistan's foreign office should not waste time on her
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    PM Imran Khan's complete speech at Washington Jalsa

    جہالت پر اتنی مضبوطی سے ڈٹے رہو کہ شعور اور تعلیم بھی تمھارا کچھ نہ بگاڑ سکے نواز شریف کی پٹواریوں کو آخری وصیت😂😂
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    A completely ignored Pak-Afghan history from 1947-1979 a must read

    I usually don't make threads but due to the social media campaign, all the information above is correct everyone is open to conduct their research, it was my grandfather who was the mastermind behind the raid on Iraqi embassy. He was awarded Tamgha e Bisalat by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto for that...
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    A completely ignored Pak-Afghan history from 1947-1979 a must read

    There has been a lot of discussion on the Pak-Afghan relationship quite lately. The interesting aspect is that the Pak-Afghan history from 1947-1979 is completely ignored. The long proxy war of 26 years perpetrated by Afghanistan in the name of Pashtunistan (1947-73). Either we are unbeknownst...
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    15 MPAs of PMLN met PM Imran Khan at Bani Gala: Naeem-ul-Haq

    PMLN is shaking, as most MPAs and MNAs are annoyed by Maryam Safdar's attitude and don't support her political stance, ye to hona hi hay ajj nahi to kal.
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    Shahbaz Sharif embarrassed by Speaker Asad Qaiser on his lies - Must Watch

    میں جھکا نہیں میں بکا نہیں بار بار زلیل ہوکر بھی تھکا نہیں جو ڈٹے ہوئے ہیں بے غیرتی پر ان بےشرموں میں مجھےتلاش کر😁😁 "شہباز شریف"
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    Cricket World Cup 2019 – Australia set Pakistan 308 to win

    Is there any link to watch the match online
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    While you were sleeping: West Indies were cheated in Australian controversy

    I have been told by close friend belongs from a famous stock trading family in Pakistan, that in this world cup most of the matches will be fixed. looks like he was true.
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    French drone maker Parrot Bepop series selected to develop spy aircraft for the US military

    I am using Parrot Anafi quite satisfied with it so far