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    Spouse of a Supreme court judge allowed to Apply for foreign citizenship?

    Total crap!. There is something called dual nationality law; so log as it is on the books why should any body be denied its benefit.
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    نیم کے پتوں کے پاؤڈر سے کورونا کا علاج

    Mujay neem p koi ehtraz nahein, beshumar Hindu yahee kehtay hein k bahut mufeed ha. Mujay zra Maulana k xudsaxta bazurgi achi nahein lagi, is baray jhoot bol reha ha. Neem bechna ha becho, kon rokta ha. Jhoot se tum na bazurg bantay ho aur na tumharee esayat nama jamahat parsa banti ha.
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    نیم کے پتوں کے پاؤڈر سے کورونا کا علاج

    Kahani jhooti banaee ha apni party ko promote kernay k liey. Koi ilahaam nahein hua. Albata neem try kernay mein koi haraj nahein ha.
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    Oil and commodity prices are where they were 160 years ago - The Economist

    Islami inqilab is no more than a fantasy. Islam doesn't have a rigidly defined system of Govt. Any form of Govt that people accept is Islamic---Iranian, Saudi, Pakistani or Egyprian Govts are all Islamic. You want to change something, be specific, what exactly will you change. Just a generic...
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    قومی سلامتی یا مولوی سلامتی؟

    Tableegi Jamaat is a bunch of juhala. This party was started by some Christian in the garb of Muslim. It teaches the same thing as Church; leave your home, eventhough your family may be helpless without you, and behave as a Christian who pretend to leave dunya. There is no such edict in Islam...
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    Why flattening of the curve through a Locdown will hurt us even more???

    If we can retard it by 3 to 4 weeks, warm weather may help us through.
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    کیا صرف لاک ڈاون ہی مسئلہ کا حل ہے۔۔؟ سنیئے بیرسٹر ملیکہ بخاری سے۔

    I think 3 week lockdown is the least expensive and most effective solution to this problem.
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    UK intelligence used Islam for Cold War propaganda

    Nothing new. They are doing it even today, penetrating religious schools to promote terrorism and then turn around and do the killing and pillaging all around the Muslim world. They sponsor sellouts like Padri Qadri to popularize Sufism in the west so that their Muslim subjects don't think of...
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    Unusual happiness over PM Khans face yesterday. Video.

    Yeah, Tareenoon aur Khakwanion k zreay smuggling kerwa k apna 6 maheenay k rashan zaxera ker lia ha, ab agli loot maar mein thora waqfa ha.
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    Italy locks down 10 towns after 1st coronavirus death as cases jump to 17

    Could this thing be dabbatul'ard! "Dabba appears holding the seal of Solomon and the staff of Moses. It will illuminate the face of the believer and seal the nose of the unbeliever. When people living at that time come together, believers and unbelieves will be distinguished." (Ahmad b. Hanbal...
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    Pakistan heading towards becoming a regional power - Haroon ur Rasheed

    Off chorus, jab cheeni, aata, PM k nigrani mein smuggle ho tau superpower tau ban'na h ha.
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    State is responsible for taking care of the poor | PM Imran Khan Speech

    Yeah, aata, cheeni chori ker k Tareenoon aur Khakwanion k xoxlay pait bharo, aur mehngaee se gareeboon k chexein nikalwao, yahee gareeb k xidmat ha.
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    کافروں کا جج

    G haan, sab se bari baat yeh ha k voh kisi jhootay Selected ko vote chori k zreay PM nahein bana saktay. Aur un k PM k nigrani mein smuggling ker k aatay cheeni k qaht b nahein peda kia jaata.
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    Current govt is like a rudderless ship about to hit a rock

    Qabza Junta is feeding the press to create a false hope to fleece the public in another cycle and to make their dachas shine and expand some more.
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    Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani ne 12 saal purani Dubi Barat Zinda kar di? Kokab Norani,, Engineer Mirza

    Nawaz meray liey kuch karey na karey, tumharay aur tumharay selected diot k k hosh tau us ne uraey huey hein.