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    جمشید اقبال چیمہ اینکر شاذیہ ذیشان کے پروگرام سے کیوں اٹھ کر چلے گئے؟

    Such a shithead this woman is.... trying to put her words into guests' mouths.....
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    پی ٹی آئی جلسے میں پی ٹی آئی ورکر کا وزیراعظم سے استعفیٰ کا مطالبہ

    "L" pe charhay ye worker....Gaaandu does not seem to know anything at all. Such a shithead...There is a limit to stupidity and stubbornness.
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    Sir Rauf PB Klasra explaining Deep Fake 🙂

    Such a dick he is...Klasra
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    عوام کوچاہیئےکہ حکومت کو ذکات دیں تاکہ قرض اتار سکیں۔آفتاب جہانگیر PTI

    Shame on them.....Jee han Sab se zyada takleef deh baat yehi hai ke apni Qaumi Lughat bhee naheen ati....
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    پاکستان نے فتح بنگلہ دیش کے جبڑوں سے چھین لی

    Why dont you show your face Faggott!!!!!! Pussy........Who are you to ignore?? ignoring fact.....nobody should even fuck you even if you beg to.....Rest in peace.....
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    پاکستان نے فتح بنگلہ دیش کے جبڑوں سے چھین لی

    Apna asal naam istemal kiya kar.....Gaandu......Lun ke sirray pehlay cricket ko samajh tab ja kar apni bak bak karna.....Tera nick ...Sasti Tooiiiiiii hona chahye tha....Genetic retard and gaandu....
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    پاکستان نے فتح بنگلہ دیش کے جبڑوں سے چھین لی

    Mr. Dickhead, the average score on that wicket has been around 120 runs meaning the wicket was absolutely a nightmare for batting as it turned out in the later stages of the game. You should first have some insight of the game and then opine
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    بنگلا دیشی شائقین کا پاکستان سے سیریز منسوخ کرنے کا مطالبہ

    Didnt like and agree with your opinion if you dont mind. Why should we remain defensive? We are a nation of 220 million people and our flag represents peace and harmony. Nothing wrong in hoisting it during practice sessions.
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    Mohammad Hijab doing propaganda against China in UK using Islam

    Alhamdolillah...You understood my point.. May Allah keep you blessed with even more eiman, health and wealth..Ameen