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    خخخ خخخ خخخ کپشن

    Bhai mujay dev bandi/brailvi/shafaai, malki/hambali waghaira waghaira say koi ghraz nahin hai. Main iss baat ko believe kerta hun kay sub say pehlay apnay aap ko dekho aur phir doosron ko. main jub apnay apnay aap ko dekhta hun to mujay apnay illawa koi ganda nazar hi nahin aata.
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    خخخ خخخ خخخ کپشن

    yehi wajah hai kay Pakistan zawal pazeer hai. kiyun kay mazhabi tolerance nahin hai.
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    خخخ خخخ خخخ کپشن

    meray Bhai taassab ki ainak utarao phir aap ko apnay illawa sub achay lagain gay
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    خخخ خخخ خخخ کپشن

    dev bandi? grow up now from these sectarian taunts.
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    Listen Hilarious story when Naeem Bukhari shaved his head and mustache when he was in college

    Re: Very hilarious: Why Naeem Bukhari had made his 'Tind' while he was student? Dream seller Bhai, take it easy. there is nothing wrong in describing this incidence on tv.
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    Yeh metro aur orange line ke pechay paray hain wahan lahore mein peenay wale pani mein insani gandag

    Actually these muqaddasas, gujjars, chawals and so on, they are all Hassan Nisar haters and IK haters also. So any thing Hassan Nisar utters is a personal abuse for this mafia gang.
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    In my opinion 2013 elections should be declared null and void - Pervaiz Musharaf predicts wrap up of

    Pervaiz Musharraf is the pioneer of NRO. I hate him.
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    US detains Altaf Khanani, sanctions Pakistani firm for money laundering

    zardaree aur tera shareef aik hi siqqay kay do rukh hain
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    US detains Altaf Khanani, sanctions Pakistani firm for money laundering

    Re: US detains Altaf Khanani, sanctions Pakistani firm for money laundering (They are the main financiers of PTI in partnership with establishment) ayan ali ka kya bana qalandree
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    Obama launched his Facebook page with a video of him wandering around his 'backyard'

    following Justin Truedau of Canada who had a face book and he answers face book friends.
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    Geo Gets Copy of Imran - Reham Divorce paper

    Re: Details of Imran and Reham Divorce Letter by Geo News get ready bubble now
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    PTI Shafqat Mehmood Resigned After Poor Performance In Local Body Election

    Re: Shafqat Mehmood Resigned Good gesture by SM.
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    See How Indian Media Is Reporting On Imran Khan and Reham Khan's Divorce

    Re: See How Indian Media Reporting Imran Khan and Reham Khan's Divorce Acha Allah donon ko khush rakhay.
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    "Hey! We have respect for journalists in this country. They ask tough questions and they're supposed

    This man is incredible. He has won the hearts of Pakistani community here. I m proud now to call myself a Pakistani Canadian under Justin Trueadu. Kash hamaray Pakistani hukmaron ki gardonon say sarya nikal jai.