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    Home Made Food Banned For Maryam Nawaz

    Don’t see any problem here, she wanted to go on a hunger strike anyway.
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    What happened to NAB's Corruption Case against Gen Musharraf?

    Unfortunately Nawaz and the rest of his pussy league let mushy run away. You could say an FA pass scared the shitt out of them and pussy league dropped thier lohay ke channas hahahahahaha Other notable pussies who have run away from NAB Ishaq Dar - aka dollar dar Hussein shari - aka babloo...
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    Opposition is playing the role of enemies by opposing Kashmir Cause

    Amigo, Ironically, it was nawaz who ran to the White House, dropped his pants, rubbed KY jelly on his ass, and asked Clinton to shove it in deep! Reportedly Nawaz gave Clinton a better time then Lewinski. No wonder nawaz was walking funny for weeks after that... Have a read here of the juicy...
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    Irshad Bhatti takes a dig at Maryam Aurangzeb

    Bro, it doesn't matter where people start, it matters what they do. At the moment, Irshad is an excellent analyst. Just because he kicks PMLN ass everyday (and also PTI ass somedays), doesn't mean he is wrong. Even Nawaz didn't start as PM, as the story goes: "Mian Muhammad Sharif set him up...
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    Nawaz Sharif has not instructed for any lockdown - Ahsan Iqbal

    Looks like Diesel will have to do a solo march. lol
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    Indian Occupied Kashmir is given away, it seems!

    Of course the irony is that during kargil war it was nawaz who ran to Washington and dropped his pants and let the yanks bugger him all day long. No wonder he was walking funny when he got back. Have a read of this
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    He didnt ask for deal then, will he now?

    It’s sad that his wife died, but we all gotta go one day. Doesn’t excuse Nawaz for all his lying and money laundering though. I also wonder if Nawaz was thinking of his wife (who was healthy at that time) when he was asking Kim Barker to be his girlfriend? Please shove this sympathy tweet...
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    PM Imran Khan is the only obstacle in Nawaz Sharif’s deal - Haroon Rasheed

    Honestly, I think he takes credit just to annoy patwaris :) Works every time too...
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    PM Imran Khan is the only obstacle in Nawaz Sharif’s deal - Haroon Rasheed

    The only problem with your assertion is that nawaz cases where started when pmln were in power and Nawaz was jailed before IK become PM. :)
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    Nawaz Shairf said I don't believe in deal | Cap (R) M, Safdar Media talk

    Govt didn't keep Nawaz in jail, courts did. Another gem of a statement by Capt 1500 riyals
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    Saad Rafique wanted to become next Malik Riaz but failed as soon as he started the journey - Haroon Rasheed

    All saad Rafique wanted was to be a lohay ka Channa... alas, that dream has also ended for him
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    PMIK withdraws GIDC Ordinance, Now government would possibly have to pay 295b if lost case in SC

    And for comparison here is nawaz running the govt. this was apparently his most productive day in office
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    Pakistani establishment facing historic challenge

    before I even clicked the source link I knew this was by Imad Zafar. This is the guy whose articles are not being published by express tribune as he is obviously a tout of Maryum media cell. Ive read many of his blogs and not one prediction of his has come true. This article is like one...
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    Govt trying to create new job opportunities, end poverty: PM

    Also found this bandar doing similar. Enjoy!
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    Pakistan won't initiate military conflict with India - PM Imran Khan

    And yet it was convicted chor and certified liar Nawaz who bent over in front of Clinton. Have a read of this...