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    ملزم شہبازگل صحتمند ہے، بہانے کررہا ہے،اسلام آبادپولیس

    The events that unfolded for last 5 months show bajwa , zardari , sharif were all at same page since the start .... They gave IK govt under mass pressure thinking he will prove a failure and then they will bring back PDM and Nawaz Sharif with fanfare and will quash any future IK like...
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    شہبازگل کی میڈیکل رپورٹ عدالت میں جمع،کیا شہبازگل پر تشدد کیاگیا؟

    These all are esteemed professionals with known good practice ….. Report shows tenderness in several regions along with brochospasm and respiratory alkalosis …… No way after this report physical remand can be taken ….. In my opinion bail will be granted and this case will haunt PMLN and...
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    Imran Khan is Spineless!!

    Dejection is not an option …… Our grit and resolve surpasses all …..
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    Imran Khan is Spineless!!

    Don’t go the Arab Spring way ..... Trust IK .... He has proven be very intelligent in current politics ....
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    Imran Khan is Spineless!!

    Are you sure if we get out on streets , our situation will be better then Arab Spring ??? Arabs got out mindlessly ..... Situation was used by America..... PDM and crooks are frustrated because we are not providing them fodder ..... And lastly such articles make sure Shehbaz gill will be...
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    Imran Khan is Spineless!!

    This is the typical propaganda from which we the insaafians should steer clear ..... We trusted IK’s vision for Pakistan and his decades old struggle ..... We are steadfast behind him and trust his next move .....
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    Despite resistance I cannot help hating PTI & IK

    Especially the ‘arrest’ of a 10 month old girl ….. This image like that of May 25th atrocities will haunt these crooks forever and this is actually turning the young gen away from them …..
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    Despite resistance I cannot help hating PTI & IK

    Nobody is stopping you from starting a trend ….. But for us only trending topic is the ‘imported govt NaManzoor’ …… No more …. No less
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    Despite resistance I cannot help hating PTI & IK

    Because our bigger cause is resistance for our future generations ..... Imported govt and its backers will be the only trending topics for us ... Our goal is to expose them all .... and Shehbaz Gill case is a glaring example of their crude last century tactics .... let them use all the tricks...
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    Despite resistance I cannot help hating PTI & IK

    The questions which they are trying to bury in all this anti-army storm in a teacup .... Who shot down the helicopter????? Who was addressed in the cypher????
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    Despite resistance I cannot help hating PTI & IK

    This is history being created .... IK is showing restrain so that a whole generation doesn’t turn against Army .... The only escape route for PDM and the crook handlers is to turn the institution of Army and PTI against each other .... We will not come in this trap ..... We will keep this...
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    قطر کو پی آئی اے اور روز ویلٹ ہوٹل کے کتنے فیصد شیئرز کی پیشکش کا فیصلہ؟

    First install non viable projects on loans .... Take commission..... Then take loans to pay off those loans .... Take commission...... Then sell prime assets of Pakistan...... Take commission Then buy back those prime assets on higher price ..... Take commission..... Looks like your greed...
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    نوازشریف کی وطن واپسی کھٹائی میں پڑگئی؟ پارٹی قیادت پر برہم؟

    Watch for his visa status in England …. His return is tied to his visa extension ……
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    مجھے گزشتہ ہفتے آرمی چیف جنرل قمر باجوہ کی کال آئی،عادل عباسی

    If Bajwa is managing internal politics all the time , I wonder what time he spends on strategising new military policies and managing evolving external threats ……. :(
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    اس ملک کو ایک قانونی مہذب یا اسلامی ملک کہنا جائزہے؟ شاہین صہبائی

    Things are unraveling so fast in Pakistan that institutions have almost lost their credibility...... I think it’s all by design so that few elites can capture everything for their kids while making young generation lose hope in the future of Pakistan...... Ain’t gonna happen though ..... These...