Where should I start, well I am a simple man. Life has taught me allot and Islam keeps teaching me different things and constantly opening my eyes on how to live in a halal life and pleasing Allah Swt in every which way possible.

I love travailing around the globe I hope to do 3 holidays a year inshallah.I dont judge or look down on people you are what you are and it is what is. Where all human from the same source, with varied colours. We all have a past and may be a few skeletons in the closet and whose hasnt made mistakes. Allah Swt is all seeing & forgiving so lets repent and put things right the second time round. We are reckless sinners

You are most merciful and most compassionate
I cry and implore you to forgive us oh Allah.

We should leave our past in our past and work on correcting our future. As humans we all struggle in life what ever it may be as Allah says in the Quran Verily, We have created man in toil.( Surah Al balad).

hiking, tracking, Traveling.
United kingdom
Relationship Status
i am my-own boss
Favourite Book(s)
Holy Quran is not a book only .its proper guideness for us
karachi university
Favourite Website
defend my people & my country



I believe that real Muslim do
1- believe in ONE "ALLAH" SWT.
2- Believe in Last Holy "Quran". (Believe in all other Holy Books of ALLAH)
3- believe in Last Prophecy of Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). And he is last Prophet of ALLAH no one will come after him. And follow his life pattern.


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