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    IK's achievements in just 2 years and constant baseless allegations

    Here’s what PM Imran Khan and his alliance have achieved in their 10 months of government!1. Current account deficit reduction by 30%. 2. Trade deficit reduction by 14%. 3. Balance of payment: Default threat averted. 4. Crackdown on money laundering. 5. Full support to accountability drive. 6...
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    عمران خان نے اپنی 22 سالہ ساکھ کو ان 2 سالوں میں خراب کرلیا ہے-رؤف کلاسرا

    #Kalasra tu nay to bohat traqi ki hay, news channel say web channel tak ka safar agar traqi hay to laant teri traqi par
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    Why viewers left watching NEWS channels ??

    Continuously spreading fake news is the main cause. there is nothing for the betterment of Pakistani people in their programs. Totally waste of time to watch their talk shows.
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    Nawaz Modi Love Story. Ex Indian High Commission Abdul Basit tells.2minClip

    Laanat patwarion par jo abhi bhi is ganjay haram khor ki himayat kartay hain