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    Don't Be Fooled, Sweden's COVID-19 Response Was A Success

    Death rates (deaths per 100,000 people) in Scandinavian countries (BBC, 1 Jun 2020): Sweden 44 Denmark 10 Finland 6 Norway 4 Death rate (or deaths) is the main measure of success used by most countries. In Scandinavia, Sweden has the worst death rate, hence its response can hardly be described...
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    Bahria Town is Blackmailing People | When PM Imran Khan will take Action?

    A big thanks to SJ for highlighting this issue which affects many Pakistanis both home and abroad.
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    Bahria Town is Blackmailing People | When PM Imran Khan will take Action?

    My family (based in UK) bought some plots in BTL last year. This could be a disaster for them because there is very little they can do at such short notice while in UK. I sincerely hope the government takes action promptly,
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    میری چار بہنیں ہیں ایک نواز شریف کیلئے حاضر ہےجس سے مرضی نوازشریف شادی کرلے

    If this is a genuine clip, patwaris have fallen to a new low, even by their own low standards.
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    Lists of the Pakistan Army Officers Served as the DG ISPR from 1948 to 2019

    Boots are bad news for Pakistan's enemies. Long live boots.
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    When i say something against Pm Imran Khan, i get called Lafafa Khor - Arif Nizami

    It's wrong to call Nizami lafafa khor when he says something against Imran Khan. He should be called lafafa khor at all times.
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    عمر اکمل کی سزا پر سابق کھلاڑیوں کا ردعمل

    Ban the other Akmal too, this is one messed up family. Still remember that easy run out that Kamran missed down under, absolutely shameful.
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    وزیر اعظم عمران خان۔۔

    Fantastic read, couldn't have put it better myself.
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    Sindh government limits congregational prayers to five people till April 5

    How about no congregational prayers?
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    Coronavirus outbreak: China to provide emergency relief to Pakistan

    Great news, which could have been delivered in 30 seconds instead of 3 minutes.
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    3 Min Watch وزیر اعظم عمران خان کی سیاسی میدان میں زبردست ریورس سوینگ

    Given that Imran Khan wanted to push the funds to the local bodies, is this really reverse swing?
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    پی سی بی نے پی ایس ایل 2020 کے شیڈول میں تبدیلی کردی

    Sensible decision under the circumstances.
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    Chinese official claims US may have brought virus to China

    Given that the biggest beneficiary of problems in China is US, the conspiracy theory around US involvement is not unfounded.
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    Coronavirus: Boris Johnson says 'many more families will lose loved ones'

    He has not done anything about it. From advising washing of hands to suddenly talking about deaths suggests that very little thinking has gone on.
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    یاجوج ماجوج کا کیڑا اور کرونا

    Fantastic start to the article and a diabolical end, a bit like Bhutto.