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    If you have not been given powers, then why are you sitting in the mayor's seat? Shahid Afridi Press Conference

    Next Mayor of Karachi. But first get Karachi out of Sindh or Sindh out of Karachi (administratively speaking).
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    PM Imran holds telephonic conversation with Indonesian president over IoK situation

    With your head up your arse its difficult to imagine you would know what is going on in the outside world. Modi "is" in fact peeing in his dhoti after this gamble , otherwise the curfew would've been lifted and everybody would be free to roam around. The longer it goes on without a major...
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    غامدی اور ماروی سرمد

    Javed Ahmed Ghamidi ...the greatest scholar of Islam in this century and it is a matter of shame that he belongs to this ungrateful, thankless and hypocrite nation that deserves nothing but Allah's complete and absolute wrath.
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    China: Photographers asked leaders to wave hands, shy IK smiled and didn't bother

    Khan it seems doesn't give a sh*t about stage theatrics , his body language shows only one thing : just wait and see, my time will come.
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    Zain Qureshi Says that Tareen Behind Asad's Exit😦

    Iblees Media - aur banda kia kahe.
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    PAF is Getting Mirage 5 Aircraft from Egypt

    Spare parts k leeye ye 5 jet leeye hain. PAF already has Mirage V. How hard is this to understand.
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    Shehbaz writes to PM Imran recommending names for ECP members

    Zaulfiqar Cheema DIG aur passport department fix karne wala... Agar koi neutral banda lagana hi hai tu.
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    The Zardari System - Fake Account Cases

    Very informative. Urdu mein bhi hona chahiye.
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    The Zardari System - Fake Account Cases

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    ورلڈکپ کیلئے ٹیم فائنل

    Babar Azam should open with Fakhar as backup opener. Abid Ali cannot be selected after 2-3 games. Should also select Mohammad Nawaz - sometimes he is better than Imad Wasim.
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    ALLAH HU | Pakistan SSG commandos Parade | 23 march 2019

    PTV poor production show continues. No sound of commando shoes thumping or any sound from tanks rolling. Very bad and sad state of affairs at PTV.
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    Caption it!