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    Wretchedly corrupt opposition parties never stop demonising PM Imran Khan.

    Pakistanis who are blaming Prime Minister, Imran Khan for causing inflation (mehangai) in the country are either ignorant, uneducated, illiterates, PML-N and PPP supporters, or Pakistan's most notorious embezzlers, money launderers, fake account holders, tax dodgers, criminals, mafia dons and...
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    Pakistani opposition is ignorant of western economic set up.

    Probably he was scrounging on the state making false and bogus claims. It would appear that he was moonlighting all the years he was living there and at the same time dishonestly claimed every kind of benefit.
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    New Zealand's decision to abandon cricket tour was profoundly atrocious.

    I would like to advise ECB & British PM Borish Johnson to condemn New Zealand's decision to abandon the cricket tour of Pakistan on unfounded security concerns and allow their team to tour Pakistan in October for two T20 matches. The Kiwi's decision was politically motivated well planned and...
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    Pakistani opposition is ignorant of western economic set up.

    Nothing is free in western countries but paid by taxpayers through direct taxation and National Insurance Contribution. The revenue collected is spent on social welfare benefits, education, health, housing, and other services. On top of that, every householder has to pay council tax (property...
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    Anti-Pakistan demonstrations in Kabul is an external sinister conspiracy

    There is an ominous development reported and televised on western Tv channels that women young & old in Afghanistan demonstrating in Kabul today accusing Pakistan of intervening in their country's internal affairs and imposing its willpower on the Taliban regime regarding its political and...
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    Price control is not a solution to stop politically motivated inflation.

    As long as the thick-skulled zombie brained supporters of the Sheriffs, Zardaris and Mollah Fazlo live in Pakistan and the judges with unbridled greed to accumulate wealth preside over the courts and the salacious, malicious, and mendacious press and Tv channels continue to brainwashing these...
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    Allah is transcendent and beyond all physical perception of man.

    As a Muslim, I would like to say that just as the human body excretes filth, so does the human mentality emit hate, antipathy, jealously, and ignorance as shown by the evil-minded cartoonist who mendaciously depicted Prophet Mohammed who is revered and loved beyond words by 1.5 billion Muslims...
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    Price control is not a solution to stop politically motivated inflation.

    In Pakistan, Inflation (mehangai) is artificially created to manipulate commodities prices by pro- PML-N and PPP's wholesalers, big hoarders, black marketeers, illicit profiteers, smugglers, and even by small traders with a political objective to demonize PM Imran Khan and his government and to...
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    شکریہ عمران خان اور پاکستان

    Pakistan's global image has enhanced ten folds for offering the bewildered Americans a temporary shelter in Penah-e Ghahain to ensure their safe return to the country. The whole world is admiring and appreciate PM Imran Khan's humanitarian, gracious and sagacious gesture providing temporary...
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    The USA defeated in Afghanistan & finally left.

    Americans had to leave Afghanistan one day and 31st August 2021 will be written down in history as the day they left in a defeat without achieving anything better. It is now up to the Taliban if they can do any better where Americans failed. If the Afghanis will accept the Taliban as their new...
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    Rameez Raja should ask Nasir Hussein to become Pakistan cricket manager.

    The new PCB Chairman, Waseem Raja should allure England's ex-cricket Captain, Nasir Hussein to become Pakistan's cricket team's manager and in charge of managing its affairs. I believe that he is one of the most brilliant, intelligent, astute, and knowledgable cricketing brains and minds in the...
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    Hazrat Usman (rwt) & his magnanimity.

    The senior scholars of history have mentioned that in the Battle of Uhud, Prophet Mohammad salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam deputed a group of archers on a hill with the instruction not to leave their position under any circumstances. However, the battle quickly turned in favour of the Muslims, and...
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    Hazrat Usman (rwt) & his magnanimity.

    بھائی مجھے تھوڑا سا شہد دے دیں.....مجھے شدید ضرورت ہے، میری چھوٹی سی بیٹی بیمار ہے....اس کا علاج شہد سے ممکن ہے۔* * افسوس ! میرے پاس اس وقت شہد نہیں ہے.....ویسے شہد آپ کو مل سکتا ہے.....لیکن آپ کو کچھ دور جانا پڑےگا، ملک شام سے ایک بڑے تاجر کا تجارتی قافلہ آرہا ہے.....وہ تاجر بہت اچھے انسان...