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    Muslim ummah must unite to give bloody nose to Zionist Israel.

    If you were born a Muslim you would have asked this question?
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    Muslim ummah must unite to give bloody nose to Zionist Israel.

    For over twenty-five years I have been writing in international newspapers, electronic media, and to Muslim governments of the world against Zionist Israel's naked aggression, suppression, and ruthless, uncivilized, and barbaric oppression of innocent, weak, and poor Palestinian people. Often I...
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    Hang corrupt judges.

    Special military courts must be set up in Pakistan to try corrupt judges of lower & higher courts and those found guilty should be publicly hanged after the Jumma namaz. I am 100% certain it will substantially improve the efficiency of our corrupt judicial system and the performance of corrupt...
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    PM Imran Khan is not a prophet to perform economic miracles.

    Pakistanis can not expect overnight change and improvement in the dilapidated economy that was bankrupted by the previous malevolently corrupt and looting governments of Shariffs' and Zardaris' and was on the brink of liquidation and being declared a 'Default State' when PM Imran Khan and his...
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    Dr Fardoos Awan & the insolent Assistant Commissioner

    After listening to the videos and reading various reports, I have come to the conclusion that it was a clear case of insubordination and insolence shown by the assistant commissioner, Sonia Sadaf towards Punjab Information Minister, Dr Fardoos Awan and that calls for her instant dismissal from...
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    PTI must recruit a top advertising expert to improve its media team.

    In view of the poor performances and substantially losing the recent bye-elections in Na-249 in Karachi and NA-75 in Daska, Sialkot, I should appeal to PTI Executive not to sit idly over the defeats but thoroughly scrutinize the mistakes & rectify them. I would recommend to PM Imran Khan to...
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    I would recommend PTI to appoint Sabir Shakir as its media chief

    PM Imran Khan should seriously think of changing his media team that has failed to attract new members and supporters because of its lacklustre approach, tactics and experience. It is about time that Imran Khan concentrates a little bit on setting up a new media think tank headed by Sabir Shakir...
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    PPP victory in NA-249 is an obnoxious development

    Sugar mafia, flour mafia, diesel mafia, oil mafia, ghee mafia, chicken mafia, meat mafia, hoard mafia, black marketeering mafia, illegal profit mafia, judges mafia, feudal lords mafia and political mafia have ruled Pakistan for over fifty years and have got together against PM Imran Khan's...
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    PPP victory in NA-249 is an obnoxious development

    You are absolutely correct. PPP is the mafia don of and king embezzling, money laundering, fake account holding, and looting of state coffers.
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    PPP victory in NA-249 is an obnoxious development

    PPP victory in NA-249 is a sinister development that shows the Pakistani electorate is not interested in the economic progress and prosperity of the country but the survival of the criminals, gangsters, embezzlers, money launderers, looters of state coffers, and traitors who are conspiring to...
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    Sack C Murad Shah & his cabinet

    QUETTA: The PPP government finally yielded to the protests that had enveloped the entire country over the weekend and Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf announced in front of a gathering of representatives of Hazara Shia community late on Sunday night that the provincial government was being...
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    Sack C Murad Shah & his cabinet

    Please educate me if I lack knowledge of the Pakistani constitution. We are always learning from each other and that is the best way to enhance one's knowledge. Islam teaches us that we should go to the farthest reaches of the earth to seek knowledge. I am a proud Pakistan no matter where I...
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    Sack C Murad Shah & his cabinet

    Thank you for reminding me