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Coronavirus in Pakistan
PUNJAB 1163 BALUCHISTAN 185 Deaths 45
KP 372 AJK/GB 218 Recovered 170

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    Next Captain : اگلا کپتان

    There were strings of wrong decisions throughout. Captaincy is a serious question mark. Everyone knew about rain even then opting out to field was strange decision.
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    سرفراز کی غلطیوں کا جواب کون دے گا؟

    You do not change horses in middle of battle, but unfortunately he is not improving either. Mistakes happens but not learning from them and continue persistently is a failure.
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    DG ISPR General Asif Ghafoor's befitting reply Sana Bucha on her taunt

    It can be seen who is getting upset.
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    DG ISPR General Asif Ghafoor's befitting reply Sana Bucha on her taunt

    When trying to act liberal, we forget sacrifices made by Pak Army. Every breath of freedom is owed to our sons of soil.
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    England batsmen unhappy with state of ball in Pakistan defeat

    Well, if it was case with both teams then there is nothing that should make it a news. Heading suggests something different from what was reported.
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    Bilawal Zardari fails to answer NAB questions

    We need to clean Pakistan from opportunists.
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    راج نیتی کہاں سے سیکھیں؟ روف کلاسرا

    In other words, start feeding public money into media again. Why can't media generate money for themselves commercially? Paying anchors ridiculous amounts has created the problem.
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    چئیرمین نیب کے انٹرویو کے پیچھے کون؟

    Javed Chaudhary is a perfect example of an intellectual corruption and funny thing is, he can not hide it either.
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    کیپٹن صفدر کدھر ہے؟

    He's got his pocket money, does not concern any more.
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    Sabir Shakir reveals IMF terms and conditions on dollar hike

    As Sehbai said, opposition is successfully passing the blame of their own doings to current government.
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    InterPol rejects Imran Govt's evidences and refuses red warrants for Hassan Nawaz too ?

    It will make indians happy, we can understand that.