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    Punjab Govt. Using Health and Hospital Funds in Metro and Road Projects

    Re: Punjab Govt. Using Health Funds in Metro! Main kisi jamaat ka supporter nahein. Hakoomat ka sehat k shobay mein total dis-interest is baat ki gawahi hai k hakoomat ko insaani jaan ki koi parwah nahein. Lekin yahan yeh bhi kehna chahon ga shokat khanam hospital bhi koi ilaaj muft nahein...
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    There is Method in the Madness::Ishaq Dar Declares Involvement of "One Country" in Mina Tragedy. Umm

    سب جانتے ہیں کہ وہ ایک ملک ایران ہے
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    The Situation of Middle East: Zaid Hamid

    World War III is brewing up:
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    Anti Semetic Propaganda on

    Massive expansion of Israel according to the so called biblical revelations (which the jews editted for personal reasons), cannot happen until Pakistan's nuclear capacity is disposed off. So the jews have a lot of stake in Pakistan. “The world Zionist movement should not be neglectful of the...
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    Boundless Informant: the NSA's secret tool to track global surveillance data

    American Govt. has been doing this for ages. Why do you think they invented internet in the 1st place.
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    Pakistan public largely in favor of drones

    Woh Pakistan k dushman hain jo drone strikes ki himayat kartay hain.
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    The Role of Germany in the Increased Capability of Israel's Atomic Arsenal

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    MQM unit in-charge dies in police custody

    MQM aik dehshatgard jammat hai aur dehshatgardon ka qatal jaiz hai
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    PML-N experts fail to bring electricity crisis elimination plan

    Re: PMLN experts failed to finilize soultion for enrgey Crisis Kindly give us highlights of that miracle plan :P
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    Meet KPK Finance Minister Siraj ul Haq !!! CHANGE ON HAI :)

    Re: Meet KPK Finance Minister !!! CHANGE ON HAI :) Product of darkness....... [hilar] [hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar]
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    PTI please protect your ballot: new conspiracy by Saad rafique

    I have noted that PTI members on this forum are very reluctant to accept that PTI was also involved in rigging.......
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    PTI please protect your ballot: new conspiracy by Saad rafique

    Barca this is paranoic behaviour. Nothing more.
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    PTI rigged the KPK elections: Maulana Fazlur Rehman, calling for street protests

    Molana Deisul will do anything to come into power in KPK.