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    Why IK Does Good Quality Research Programmes On Youtube But Not On Tv?

    Youtube pe uska apna channel hai isliye udhar haath nhi bandhe huway tv channel ki trah.
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    US judge sent kids to jail for money

    now they can't, instead their parents got charged.
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    Kanye West Announces He's Running for President of the USA

    He was trump supporter and a liar.
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    Ban on PUBG. Widespread protests in Pakistan

    The whole world getting benefit from this industry but we are still living in cave era. stupid PTA
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    نیا مندر بنانا اسلام اور ریاست مدینہ کی توہین ہے: چودھری پرویز الٰہی

    Temples are not merely places of idol worship. They are also places where God’s name is celebrated. not all Hindus sanction idolatry. Muslims certainly cannot participate in idol worship or propagate it. However, they are not allowed to interfere in the freedom of worship of Hindus (or any...
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    Today Nadeem Babar shifted the entire blame on cabinet and PM.

    Absolutely agree with you. People close to him should guide him in a right way instead of nodding on every decision especially in matters regarding selection because pm can never handle each and everything, he should know that he must find people like himself to put on every post to get the...
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    On YouTube He Talks in Favour Of the PM& On Media Channels He Talks Against

    guys he is not a pti member, and on youtube he is expressing his views and on mainstream media he have to keep his views aside and do a professional show. I found nothing wrong in it, no need to be mad.
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    ہماری قوم نے ستو پیے ہوۓ ہیں, حکومت کی کوئی پالیسی نہیں, لوگ مر رہےہیں

    now these rich ass journalist will decide how government should make policy which affects poor but not them!
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    میں بی آر ٹی کے حق میں نہیں ہوں، بی آر ٹی نہیں بنانی چاہیے تھی- شہباز گل

    everyone have right to express their opinion and this is the beauty of democratic government and party.
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    صرف تقریروں سے ملک نہیں چل سکتے، احسن اقبال

    they keep boiling things by doing false propaganda and then khan shatters all their dreams in just one speech.
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    خواجہ آصف نے وزیر اعظم کو ٹی وی پر مباحثے کا چیلینج کر دیا

    lol why would he come debate with a douche bag like you.