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    Haider Mehdi contradicting himself on the issue of General Amir for COAS?

    In the second video also he is saying the same thing later on that General Mohammed Amer is close to Zardari
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    Pilot Rashid Minhas is NOT shaheed as per Baghlool/PDM doctrine

    Just look at the loss that would have happened if Rashid Minhas had not acted that day vs the loss this nation has already incurred since the regime change and you will know which situation is more grave! I rest my case, and you can have your chain of command intact, baqi mulq gya tail lenay...
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    Pilot Rashid Minhas is NOT shaheed as per Baghlool/PDM doctrine

    yeah, and I have already answered your first question that how an illegal order to be distinguished from a legal one, in my humble opinion, a soldier will have to use his better judgment. In the current scenario people have plenty of time to do that, unlike Rashid Minhas who had to make his...
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    Pilot Rashid Minhas is NOT shaheed as per Baghlool/PDM doctrine

    No, the comparison is absolutely on point! First you need to establish whether rejecting a senior's illegal order is the right thing to do OR not and with Rashid Minhas example it is established. And that's exactly what Gill said in his statement that IF a seniors order is not justified don't...
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    Strange to hear khata hai tau lagata bhi tau hai logic from a youthia.

    She did not give that logic, on the contrary she said that she will NOT give that 'khata hai tau lagata bhi tau hai' logic
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    “آپ فوجی علاقے میں تحریک انصاف کے جھنڈے نہیں لے کر جا سکتے “

    Bravo to this guy for not taking this bull shit and handling it perfectly!
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    نوازشریف کھاتا تھا تو لگاتا بھی تھا،نوازشریف کے حلقے کے لوگوں کی رائے

    Ab in gadhon ko koi kesay samjhai keh jab woh khata hai to adaron ka bhi satya naas karta hai.. takay uski chori koi pakrna pai. Adaray phir kisi ki bhi chori nahi pakar patay aur oper say neechay tak bus phir sab khanay mai lag jatay hain
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    Check out the Map on 20 Riyal Note of KSA!!!

    Guys, if you see the zoomed in map in post #12.. the whole GB and J&K area is shown as a separate entity.. though it is the same color has Pakistan but so is Afghanistan and Iran... it is not shown as part of India but you can clearly see this area is separated from Pakistan as well, by a line...
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    Twins beheno ka dulha apis mein badal gaya LOL

    Had hogai, dhoolon ko confusion ho sakti thi par dulhanon ko to koi confusion nahi honi chahiyeh thi
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    Agar in-house tabdeeli hui tou PTI ke andar se hi PM aye ga - Haroon Rasheed.

    Baba ji ka dimagh kharab hai, hogi kiyon PM ki tabdeeli? wajha!
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    Team of prominent lawyers ready to challenge Govt's illegal demand of surety bond in Supreme Court

    Forget everything else and just answer one thing, PMLN is claiming NS will eventually return back to Pakistan, right? If that is TRUE why not just give the damn security bonds? Without getting into the technicalities that whether it is legal or illegal? This exposes that NS does not plan to return!
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    What is Fazal ur Rehman Plan ? Dharna or Jalsa || Exclusive interview of Zameer Haider || ZM News

    OP, you need to correct the thread heading. No where he said that Pakistan has made the 5th Gen fighter jet, all he has said that Pakistan has started the work on it. Project Azm is at very early stage. It will take us at least 5 years before we see a flying prototype.