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    Tabdeeli k nam per awam k sath Dhoka

    Muna Kaka chal feeder pee ley baad main tumen Burger bhe khilana hy Bacha jhumarey tu aqal say he nhi paidal khandani tor per mujy mentally retarded lagtey ho . Ja meyray bachey Saban say Moo do phir koi " drink " pee kr yahan chat shuru krna teri aqal ko vata laga hoa hy yeh sahi nhi ho sakti...
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    Tabdeeli k nam per awam k sath Dhoka

    Dear pl dont show us Balance Sheet , Generally just ask any one will tell you how horrible govt's performance is going as they must need to realize they took votes on " Change Slogan ".
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    Tabdeeli k nam per awam k sath Dhoka

    Thank you , you are educated illiterate , if you have been got some favour and benefits dont throw your garbage on others who really want that Change Initiative which was raised and presented to People , we dont want Rapid steps but want a direction to go to key areas of success. CLEAN YOUR MIND...
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    Tabdeeli k nam per awam k sath Dhoka

    If you are paid media social media advisor then you will do always blind pleading dear listen we all know about change process no need to give us example of H-Portor but will do say Imran khan is totally failed to bring out change in Pakistan , his Road Map is nothing , his example is like a...
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    جہانگیر ترین کا شہزاد اکبر کی پریس کانفرنس پر ٹویٹ

    No doubt JKT is very much reach but he is much better tax payer and political person than that of Nawaz , Zardari , Choudary Sugar Mill mafia.
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    Tabdeeli k nam per awam k sath Dhoka

    Phelay Parents ko bolo tumen " Tameez sikheyn " phir bakwas kerna daily ah jatey ho Bakwas post krnay . My dear first read in depth my theme then starting barking.
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    Tabdeeli k nam per awam k sath Dhoka

    Please dont immediate start pleading of Imran khan , we brought out Mothers , Daughters , Sisters , Seniors , Juniors to Polling stations to caste Votes for PTI , Please justify us where is that " Change " . I want to tell Imran Khan enough is enough now , we are extremely frustrated, we have...
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    Tabdeeli k nam per awam k sath Dhoka

    Main bohat excited tha Pakistan ab change ho ga 70 say 75 saal tak jo Daku , Chore , Badmash Siasatdan Pakistan ko milay Yeh humarey Pakistan ke bht bheri badkismati hy yeh Daku , Chore Siasatdan dobara hakumat main ahtey jatey hain. PMLN , PPP , Q League , JUI F etc yeh sari daakuon ke...
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    Air Crash & Road Accidents in Pakistan

    Bogus degrees of Pilots , Lack of world standard training , not following instructions of Air traffic Controllers, corruption , approach culture in job finding and Licensing, Engineering incapablilities , these are causing serious life threats in Pakistan, look daily thousands flights are...
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    فواد چودھری بتائیں انہوں نے کتنے روزے رکھے اور نمازیں پڑھیں؟ مفتی منیب

    Dear mufti bureau crate i fully support Fawad Choudary he said as per Science what wrong he said tell us Mufti you are enjoying 22 grade and high salary why you fear about Science and its support???
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    Terrorism by India in Baluchistan must be responded in same sense

    Now a days indian sponsored terrorism has been increased in Baluchistan our Army fighters are being killed ( Shaheed) ,We pay extreme tribute to them and urging Pakistan Army and Government to give India Response in more extreme same sense and throw indian soldiers to hell in occupied Kashmir.
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    Corona and PPP's Sindh Government

    Crona ke aar main sindh ko bedardi say loota ja raha hy , lock down ker k imran khan ke govt ko fail kiya ja raha hy sindh main , people,s party k dako , chore asif zardari ke corruption cases ko crona ke aar main bahri chalaki say tackle ker rahey hain , sara money laundering k cases ko lock...
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    PCB main loot mar

    Players ko central contract ka paisa nechawar kiya ja raha hy players jo phelay he arab patti hotey hain , inko kisi kism ke salary ya contract nhi dena chaheay jesey k : A category ko 1 million say ziada , B category ko 8 lac say ziada , C ko 5 lac say ziada Yeh kiya loot maar macha rakhi...
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    Prime Minister Imran Khan appeal to Overseas Pakistanis for coronavirus donations

    I think Imran khud , Malik riyaz , Jhangir Tareen , aleem khan , Sindhi Nawab , Jagirdar , Punjabi Industrialists, Land lords say yeh raqam wasul krni caheay na k her dafa logo ko kehtey phirna Paisey du....