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    Kalonji Oil Dosage

    Makes perfect sense. I am just starting it after hearing so many great things about it. I am starting one teaspoon in sehri and maybe one after Iftar, but I'll first start with sehri and gradually add after Iftar. Thanks for reply - much appreciated.
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    Kalonji Oil Dosage

    Thanks for the info. So you recommend - two table spoon oil - one after the breakfast and one after the dinner to give 12 hour break between the two? How often and how much of kalonji oil is always an enigma for me.
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    How Taiwan Contained Corona:Early Action,Technology &Millions of Face mask

    Australia has so far done pretty well as it has gone out aggressive on testing by doing 300,000 tests for a population of 27 million which is >1% of population and infection growth rate has slipped under single digit % after being at 30% daily growth rate. Canada has disadvantage of being...
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    We are on the verge of a therapeutic against COVID...

    Trump equates Stock Markets positive numbers to his success and we all know that Stock Markets are forward looking
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    US firms launch legal action seeking billions of dollars in damages from Ch

    World should worry about the times China becomes most powerful country in the world. I subscribe to Adil Najam's views that during equilibrium days of Cold War between USSR and USA world had a unique balance and calmness - but the world would be much place to live and breathe if the biggest...
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    Good news! Wuhan city is opening up! This is what it looks like

    There is no question about it. The thing that complicates the future pandemics is the eating habits of that region - primarily China. Now, China is starting to think about the threats it poses to the health - will it be too late too little? Time will tell. Bill Gates had been saying this for...
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    سال 2020 پی ٹی آئی کی حکومت کے خاتمے کا سال ثابت ہوگا۔ ماہر فلکیات غلام عباس کی پیش گوئی

    Yaar these astrologers never tell what will they themselves be in next year? Will they be astrologer hi in 2020 ya astronaut ban jaiein gey. Ask astrologer numa naqli Aristotle Hamid Mir tha: If they arrest Nawaz, it will be last day of PTI If they arrest Mariam it will be last day of PTI...
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    $$$men came, they met & they conquered !

    Spot on and having first hand experience in dealing with several of the above mentioned departments and knowing the ground realities + collusion - I think it is a step in the right direction.
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    Face to Face - 21st December 2019 - Musharraf Case, Maryam Nawaz ECL

    This Dr. Ramesh Kumar seems most uneducated person - having his lunch in a live program? Is he nuts?
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    Dr Adnan talks about Nawaz Sharif's health condition..

    All this bullshit doesn't matter, until and unless official medical report by British doctors is not shared after being allowed to share such info by the patient. This Dr.can say anything and it holds no value as he can say anything.
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    انگلینڈ میں ملک ریاض اور حسین نواز شریف کے اربوں کے اثاثے ضبط

    Saray sahifiyoun (except Moeed Pirzada) ke neechey pai'yee laga kar chalta kar diya gaya hai..... Free Press of Pakistan .... lmao