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  • When you have no reasonable answer, you are saying that I have no argument to debate with you. No problem, I can understand your situation when you have no answer to give but still continuously demands answers.

    Coming to your 'bacha' level question, the answer is,

    Whats going on today is not because of Musharraf, its because of the government which is in power. If the democratic govts think that Musharraf's policies were wrong, they can change it BUT they didn't.

    Next, you wanted a statistical answer by saying I will appreciate your "statistical answer".
    Should I give it you or will you again start the game of demanding answers ??

    Are you ready to face the statistical answer of 'terrorism fatalities' which you will appreciate ??
    you were a little teenager when Musharraf left the govt. and you were more than a kid when Musharraf came in to the govt.

    You speak too much that Mush era was bad for economy, it looks like you have never bought ration. Otherwise you would have known about the difference between Musharraf era and the last 6 years of blood thirsty and crazy democrazy.
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