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    ڈاکٹر فردوس عاشق اعوان کے غصے کی اصل وجہ عوام کے سامنے ؟

    Oh Bhai Yeh Aaap Janaaab Wali Qoum nahein hai Sahi kiya Woh AC AC wali car mein Mazay Lay Rahi hai Aur Awaam Garmi mein Khajjal Khuwaar ho rahay hein Jo Yeh BC Awaaam IK ko Baatein Sunaaati hein Woh Tameez kay Daiyray mein Hoti Hein jub Burecaracy Hi kaam nahein karay gi to gaaliya to Govt ko...
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    Sadia Sohail seeks justice in a video message |Faisal Hills Housing Society

    Yeh Sub Qabza Maaafia Badmaaash Bayghairat hein aur ein ko Protect kartay hein Politicans and Judiciary . Laaanat AAisyay System per. Koi Political PArty / Mazhaaabi Jaaamaat koi kuch nahein KAray Ga. There is No System No Law and No Order for the Common MAN in this Country.
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    فردوس عاشق اعوان نے خاتون اسسٹنٹ کمشنر کو جھاڑ پلا دی

    Fully Support Firdous Awan (Elected Member are the Boss) Burecracy should take the Orders because if there is any Malpractice, Idiot Pakistani will Blame Directly to Imran Khan, the do not blame AC/DC / DPO or xyz. Firdous Awaz is RIGHT to ask Question to the AC and she should not complain...
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    What happened between Klasra and Siddique Jaan???

    Tum BC Judge Musalmaaan ho kar CHOORI Karooo Aur Hisaab Kitaab bhi na Do Aur Doussroooon ko MC ISLAM aur SUCH Bolna Sikhaaatay hoooo Kuttay Kay Bachoooo Dosrooon ko BHAAASHAAAN Day Na Band karooo Haraaam KHOOOOOR CHOOORRRRR Kay Bachoooon 2-4-5-10 saaal mein Marrrr Jaoooogay MC Kuch Khoooof...
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    Imran Khan is Blackmailing Establishment-Itikhar Ahmed

    Every 3rd Class Journalist Who buildup some HEllo Hi with Politicians THINKS He is a KING MAKER . Bloody Journalist CIVILIANS !!!! Check your BLOODY FACES in the 3rd CLASS MIRROR That will Show you Your TRUE FACE !!!!! YOU BLOODY RASCALS !!!
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    Oversea Pakistani Explains Why Inflation Is High In Pk & Who Is Responsible

    ooh CHA Cha Nawaaa Phone Litaaaa Seeee
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    Worlds dealiest surge - Real numbers are 10 times higher; officials

    IF You Are Human You must Realize This PAIN when you put Sanctions on KASHMIRIS !!!!!! Now Its Too LATE !!!! Those Who KEEP SIELENT @ that Time Now PAY The Price !!!!!! We All Have some Collective Responsiblities !!! I know this is not the Time for POLITICS But This is Not Politics !!!! This is...
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    Will take off your uniform right here!!!

    Dont Blame People You Idiot Dont you know how Elections Setup in PAKISTAN
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    ہر مسلمان یہ ویڈیو ضرور دیکھے

    ooh bhai Yeh Mouvli pata nahein kiss Duniya Mein Rehta hai I am not a rigid strong Muslim but still I never got a Chance to watch Netflix so far , bhai tim hi nahein hota , pata nahein Moulvi saaaab kyun chueekh rahi hai Use to watch Ramzaaan Transmission but No More Anymore
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    Gruesome raw visuals from the COVID capital...

    JAheilooon ki Kammi Nahein !!!! CAnt you seee Millions Dying due to this Virus !!! Stop this Bullshit Bashing Maghrib Maghrib ~~~~ You are those ppl saying this wont come to WARM Countries. Stop this Nonesense and try using your BRAIN
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    Imran Khan & Shaukat Tareen Decides To Review IMF Plan For Economic Growth

    Aik Tu Yeh Youtube nay Har Champpooooo ko Anchor bana diya hai