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    Fazal ur Rehman March | People Praising & Bashing | Govt preparations | Nimra durani

    yee randy k bacha foreign agents k hathon my kheel rha hyy
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    Fawad Chaudhry Invites Ideas to Replace Police Checkpoints, Winner Gets Rs 2 Million

    This man iz stupid and burden on pti if somebody ask his achievements big zero except few statements i think he iz planted by ghq useless
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    Jahangir Tareen favors dialogue to convince JUI-F Chief

    I totally agree with u i think khan iz extending as much as he can than he will disolve assemblies this system iz fully floppped khan knows that saary loooty making problem for khan c how far he goes
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    Government can’t be toppled over anyone’s demand - Interior minister Ejaz Shah

    U as a interior minister iz too old and hopeless bcz u r appointed by ghq pti cant kick u out otherwise shehryar afridi iz best choice and he can deliver
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    Health department: One year and beyond

    Bro i read it fully thats a great achievement by dr yasmeen in pak not easy to fight bcz mafias criminals uneducated employes by zar and shar bribery iz very common and non cooperative and criminals beaurucrates really it iz jehad by dr yasmeen salute to her
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    Irshad Bhatti asks why Nawaz Sharif is getting facilities while serving his jail term

    Nothing gona happen iss fuzly my itny himmat nyy hyy yee sala blackmailer orr haddy chahta hyy all mafias who r against khan including pti people pushing him and hiding behind him KHAN IZ LION AND ALL JACKALS R TRYING TO ATTACK HIM FROM EVERYWHERE INCLUDING PTI CORRUPT PEOPLE AS WELL
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    میاں منشاء کو آرمی چیف کے سامنے رونا رونا مہنگا پڑگیا

    Businessmen and traders r more stronger than cicilian mafia and white collar criminals they r looting public doing money laundering blackmailing govt dont want to pay tax govt should deal with them with strong iron hand
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    Thousands of people gather on the roads to support Maryam Nawaz, we do not need anyone's help - Nehal Hashimi

    Begairta pehly uss randy ko jail syy too nikal looo pta nyy millions kis cheez ko kehty hyyn noory na dunya k darrr ba qabr ky fikrr zaleel orr ghaleez noory Noora party iz hstory now
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    Army Chief meets Business leaders| Farrukh Saleem's analysis

    Business man totally corrupt and dishonest riping off public not ready to pay tax nodoubt khan iz bit incompitent but iz there any example in the world army chief meets business people totally rubbish
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    Breaking : Maulana Fazl Ur Rehman announces the date of Long March

    Why Nab iz not arrsting him who iz stopping nab myb isi wants to destablize khan govt bcz big haramy showbaaz iz running free everywhere and enjoying he iz dealing with army nobody iz touching him c how far khan goes in this ghatia ghaleez system
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    جتنی جلدی ایکشن نیب نے کیا اتنا تو یورپ میں بھی نہیں لیا جاتا، : چیئرمین نیب جسٹس ر جاوید اقبال

    Dont try to b a politician u r a choice of zar and shar dont fool the nation Result big zero not a single case has come to an end Nab officers r making hell lot of money from all criminals jinnoo ny iss mulk ko barbaad kya hyy woo aap logon ko brabar k hissa dyy rhy hyn
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    Fazal ur Rehman aur Judges ke peechay corrupt fauji?

    Simple question why our isi so called no 1 in the world allowed zar and shar 30 years to take billions of dollars out of country it mean either they were part or either incompitent now country has fully destroye and everybody wants answer from khan iz he responsible NOT AT ALL they want nro bcz...
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    Rang Productions - Fake News!

    Bro dont worry yee loog intahy dheet hyn na dunya k darrr na akhrat ky fikrrr
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    ہانگ کانگ میں ایک گولی اور عالمی میڈیا کی گھنٹوں کوریج۔۔۔ کشمیر میں ہزاروں شہادتیں عالمی میڈیا خاموش

    The whole world media either electronic or print iz fully controlled by jews they r playing games with whole world butchering muslims iz their target last 30 years check iraq libya somalia palestine syria kadhmir afghanistan in pak imagine millions of muslims been wiped out from universe muslims...
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    مایوس کن ردعمل۔۔ عامر خاکوانی

    Rana sahab bhutto by mulk toorny my brabar k shareeq tha uss daur my social media nyy tha issy lyy uss ko kuch ny kha jata pak ky barbaady my uss ny by pura hisaaa lyaa yee mardood ppppppp humy dyy gya