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    hindu teacher and school attacked in ghotki by muslim mob for charges of blasphemy

    They live better than Sindhi Muslims. So you need not worry about them. India as a lynchistan is the biggest concern right now.
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    Imran Khan's threat of Nuclear war

    Dude either you don;t know Islam or you follow an other religion. The REAL LIFE FOR A MUSLIMS starts after death. These 21 crores out of 22 crores are waiting for death because they know that if they are killed, they will be immortals. The concept of shahdat is unique to Islam. As for India...
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    Pakistan is number one in Asia willing to fight for country - World Index

    Jazbati. We are super Emotional when it comes to Islam, Pakistan and Arab states. I mean why can't we think from our heads. India will NEVER EVER give even a piece of brick from Kashmir. No country in the world does that. They will fight and they will fight till the end. Why? If they let...
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    PAF pilots Noman Ali and Hasan Mehmood share their experiences of downing Indian Jets *Complete Speech*

    I partially agree with you. I was not talking about frigates or aircraft carriers. We do not need aircraft carriers at all with India. What we really really need is submarines, The RAIL GUNS on all our frigates. And underwater drones. If you know what I mean. tactical swimmers carrying limited...
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    Because of Imran Khan everyone is talking about the Kashmir issue : Shah Mehmood Qureshi

    I guess I am the only one who is going to agree with you for the first time in my life. Yes you are correct. The day when we will start relying on Allah alone and stop looking east or west, we will be a prosperous and strong nation.
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    PAF pilots Noman Ali and Hasan Mehmood share their experiences of downing Indian Jets *Complete Speech*

    We are 200 percent sure of our airforce. Alhamdullilah. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF NAVY. WE ARE LACKING A LOT THERE. INDIAN NAVY IS BETTER.
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    Because of Imran Khan everyone is talking about the Kashmir issue : Shah Mehmood Qureshi

    THIS IS FOR PRIME MINISTER IMRAN KHAN:::::: PTI-Socialmedia team ::: Please forward this to the PM. This might be beneficial to his plans Sir, The only way we can get Kashmir is through economic prosperity. My suggestions are as follows: 1 - If Pakistan Government can create a consortium of...
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    Pak Army soldier martyred by Indian forces unprovoked firing at Haji Peer sector near LoC: ISPR

    This time, Indian high rank officers are going to die. Weapons are going to do justice.
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    ایل او سی پر بھارتی فوج کی فائرنگ سے فوجی جوان شہید: آئی ایس پی آر

    Do not worry. The time has come. Reply will be full and it will be driven directly and forcefully.
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    Pakistan’s IT Exports Are at a Historic High

    Yes they are. And they will go very very high Inshallah. I along with others are doing our job making sure that this country surpasses china and india in IT sector. WHAT ARE YOU DOING????????????
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    Huawei to put South Asian Regions Headquarters in Pakistan

    For that we need serious electronics engineers who can produce some amazing tech here in Pakistan.
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    India ma Chand Mission Nakam

    MuhammadAdeel sahib, please try to understand. We, as a nation, feel inferiority complex whenever wretched indians try to do something stupid. The reality is they don't know jackshit about landing stuff on the moon. The backstory is as colourful as their wretched festivals. Please google up...
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    11 Facts About Benazir PPP Wants to Hide...

    I always said that Bhutto was a traitor to an extent that he should be hanged right after 1971 war. He was the traitor and there is not respite for traitors. But alas, Pakistani nation took to streets and bought back Benazir bhutto who showed the nation that daughter of traitor is a traitor...
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    کشمیریوں کی حمایت کرنے پر ارمینا رانا خان کیلئے مشکلات

    It is actually a bitch of India. I SHOULD SUGGEST ALL PAKISTANIS TO USE VPN ACCOUNTS TO POST ON TWITTER. THIS WAY, INDIAN data centers won't be able to censor Pakistan tweets.
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    FM Quereshi refuses to give Permission to use Pak Air Space to Indian President

    Yes, that should be done long time ago. However, it is a good step. Close airspace to every Indian shit out there. Their shitty president should go around the globe to reach his destination. Shittiest nation. They are only powerful because we went down. Need to get up and going.