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    Holly Wood is History after BARBAROS , Engin Altan's next project.

    it will be on air in january in turkey
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    Aftermath of massive explosion in Beirut

    it was a huge blast tragic. prayers for the lebanon
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    ن لیگ، پیپلزپارٹی اسٹیبلشمنٹ کی مزید ناراضگی مول نہیں لیناچاہتے-سہیل وڑائچ

    Ye to keh rha tha establishment IK se naraz hai aur opposition se khush hai
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    خان صاحب ، عید مبارک؟؟

    پٹواریوں کی اوجھڑی کھانے کے بعد کی پوسٹیں
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    شکریہ وزیر اعظم صاحب

    Aj is ki dukan band hogai. Shukria khan sahib MM media cell ki dukan k sath sath aur bara kuch band krne per
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    Video Games are a real problem!!! Do you agree with him?

    Now a days video games improve a lot of skills in kids, but everything has its proper place in life. games are not an ultimate goal.
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    آل انجمن تاجران نے عید سے 3 روز قبل کاروبار بند کرنے کا حکومتی اقدام مسترد

    Yahi traders Edi ul fitr per Ehtiat krwaty to aj inhe ye dn na dekhna parta.
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    Pakistani Novice Gamers abusing Pakistan Army for banning online game PUBG

    We have been working very close to those. its not about his qualificaton or cabinet decision, its about tkaing country to next level in IT. We have seen soem very good Militry persons, but about others, many of them are used to give just order and move their stick to obey others. learn to live...
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    Pakistani Novice Gamers abusing Pakistan Army for banning online game PUBG

    Dear but that Retired Army man is not standing on Border 🤣 🤣 🤣 Everyone including me respects them when they are doing their professional duties. when they come to civilian sphere they are answerable.
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    کیوں نہ چین سے جرنیل اور فوجی کرائے پر لے کر کشمیر آزاد کروا لیا جائے؟

    دو چار جج بھی منگائے جائیں. سب پٹواری لٹکائے جائیں
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    وزیراعظم کو ابھی پنجاب میں عثمان بزدار کا متبادل نہیں مل رہا- سہیل وڑائچ

    Hummmmmm neee Aajjjjj phirrrr Bongiii Mariiiii.... ek din bongy k sath.
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    First time ever 4K Video rendered of Mars

    Sab Planets Sun Gol hain,Lekin Zameen Gol nhi....:Molvi
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    Please watch what Michael Holding is saying - - -

    PM advisors have declared themselves. And Khwaja Sara of SIalkot and Noora were hiding it.