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    موجودہ حکومت کی جگہ کوئی اور ہوتا تواب تک استعفیٰ دےکر جاچکا ہوتا-حبیب اکرم

    Thank God, Sukrat is back! I was feeling stupid without absorbing his words of wisdom - LOL
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    Latif Khosa respond on Cynthia Ritchie's allegation

    Khota/Kosha, you find this funny? Shame on you!
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    Cross Talk - 5th June 2020 - PM Imran khan's Address to Nation

    This donkey face Orya Jaan doesn't know ALL civilized countries have volunteers is many departments. This has been the case for many decades to my knowledge. Dear Donkeys., I am sorry to insult you by comparing to this person (my bad!)
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    میاں نوازشریف کی طبعیت ٹھیک نہیں ہے- رانا ثناءاللہ

    Ina Lillah Hay Wa Ina Elihe Ra Jee Oun Ya Allah Is Ko Apnay Pass Bulay Lay our Phir Insaf Kar Marey Maula
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    India: Shocking video of a hungry man eating a dead dog on the road

    Beautiful soul Indian bhai who stopped to help and feed this person. Humanity lives on!
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    Even Nawaz Sharif is smarter than him

    I find president Trump very entertaining and funny. Watching him is better than any comedy show. Actually he seem real simple and honest to me because he is straightforward, stupid, yes, but sure a comedian
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    مجھے یہ بہت برا لگتا ہے ہم نمازیوں کومساجد جانے سے روکیں اور پکڑ کر جیل ڈال دیں- وزیراعظم عمران خان

    This man is changing the entire nation right in front of our eyes. Can you imagine Lalu Sharef or Badbakht Zardi have this level of a vision??
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    Why are black Americans hardest hit by coronavirus?

    Because they eat unhealthy food - seriously, not kidding. I haven't see this video, but that is the honest truth. Their immune system is bad
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    New Home for Maa ji

    Nice effort by this couple. Before you all start to criticize them for a 'photo op', please do think that perhaps they are trying to inspire the rest of us, dead-beats, to something similar. I think all, expats, are capable of at least doing something similar for at-least one other family?
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    20 Dino sy 4 Mahallo main free Sabzi deny wala Azeem Pakistani , Masal Qayam kar di

    Beautiful Souls! May Allah Pak bless them
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    Overseas Pakistani Woman Grills Imran Khan on Corona Funding

    Psycho lady. So people dying in NY is Imran Khans' fault? Yeh Mahalay Main Larai Karnay Wali Fazoul Aurat Hay :-) She isn't grilling Imran Khan; She's just amking a fool of herself