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    ایسےگھناؤنےسوالوں کیوجہ سےکئی خواتین پولیس کو رپورٹ نہیں کرتیں- اینکر عمران

    Police kaha so rahi ti waghera waghera. Ye rapist bi issi swam mein se hai. Koyi Aladdin ka charagh ha police ke paas ke inch inch cover kare. Bai a crime has taken place, police is investigating. Media Don’t try to be a Tarzan. Look at the level of questions the journalists were asking ccpo...
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    Israel-UAE spy base on Socotra targets Iran, China, Pakistan

    Excuse me?? Was it Iran or Arabs who sided with British? Iran was attacked by Britain and soviet.
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    Israel-UAE spy base on Socotra targets Iran, China, Pakistan

    Well said but the time is drawing nearer for two world blocks to emerge and considering Pakistan’s reliance, we have to take sides. I am not sure how important the uae-Israel alliance would be since the Arab rulers would not want a situation where they are considered as enemies of Umah. Iran...
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    Who destroyed Karachi? Story of Imran Khan interview with Arshad Sharif

    These people are simply sick. I have not seen any prime minister having such strong grasp of every matter from FATF to power sector to politics to health and constitution. He answered every question with extensive and relevant details without looking at any paper.
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    Increased Remittances to Pakistan & Human Capital Investment Loss

    We are in the UK and have been sending all our savings to Pakistan, not just for feeding our families but to buy houses, starting businesses for our family members and helping friends. Remittances are the best form of money a country can have as there are no strings attached. Don’t forget the...
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    حکومت کی دو سالہ کارکردگی کیسی رہی؟ جڑواں شہروں کے عوام کی راۓ

    These surveys are very important and give a sense of realisation. Don’t shame the anchors. If you look back at kpk first five years of PTI, the survey results from Habib Ameen program were spot on.
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    غازی علم الدین کا حلف نامہ۔ تاریخ کا سچ سامنے آگیا

    Yes that’s statement is correct. He initially confessed but on the advice of Qaid e Azam who was his solicitor, he changed his statement. However it was too late by then
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    Resignations and IK's party

    To hell with Niazi. You can go and ask him. I am talking about dual nationals being vilified day in day out on media. Looks like you have a lot of information about Imran Khan and bushra bibi, her daughters etc.
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    چمن بارڈر پہ پاکستانی فورسز نے اپنے دفاع میں ہوائی فائر کیے

    Ye afghani kabhi bhi Pakistan ke kherkwah nahi hosakte. Jitna bi Pakistan koshish kar le. Inko Allah taqat na de
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    عدالت کے اندر قتل میں پولیس کی پشت پناہی تھی

    A true Ashiqe rasool cannot harm anyone let alone killing. A crowd of disgusting people
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    عدالت کے اندر قتل میں پولیس کی پشت پناہی تھی

    Wahid Islamic country where people are being killed for voicing against a man made law and a unique Islamic country where they have to bring in a law to ensure khatme nabuwat
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    Resignations and IK's party

    Pakistan isn’t suffering due to dual nationals or foreign powers but due to incompetence, corruption and hypocrisy of its own people. Did a dual nationals tell you not to reform your institutions including health, education, revenue or to pay taxes? You didn’t even start a single mega dam in...
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    Resignations and IK's party

    Dual nationals are portrayed as traitors UNLESS it comes to receiving foreign remittances. Can anyone explains what’s your problem with foreigners and dual nationals? Pakistan was looted by your Pakistan based (foreigners). Moreover, why taunt dual nationals all the time, if the statute allows...
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    Two years later, Pakistan was better off with the "corrupt " government.

    Exactly. PTI didn’t say they will bring change overnight. Get a grip. Do you think China got to a stage where it is now in two years or did Malaysia, turkey and other developing countries got to this stage overnight. One thing PTI government is do is lift ban on genuine alcohol so that...
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    Two years later, Pakistan was better off with the "corrupt " government.

    Pakistanis haven’t learnt the true meaning of hard work and perseverance. Rather, they are under some kind of illusion that a Masiha will appear and solve all their problems with the blink of an eye. Hence why they have kept their mouths wide open with heads up to end up having only shit...