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    He is not Pathan he can't speak Pushto

    That’s not true. Pathans are politically more mature and use independent mind.
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    He is not Pathan he can't speak Pushto

    So what if he is not a Pathan? Why are we glorifying Pathans and for what? We are all humans, Muslims and Pakistanis.
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    بی آر ٹی اور شہباز شریف تجربہ

    Prime minister national health insurance scheme- wasn’t it a copy of kpk model. However, what was the coverage? In KPK, almost every family is covered under insaf health card scheme.
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    England's biggest shopping mall files for bankruptcy

    Oh really? Are they making literally every Pakistani to do corrupt practices including doctors, lawyers, judges, pilots, politicians, religious scholars. Patwaris and so on? Are they responsible that you are killing each other in the name of religion, you cannot even agree on one Eid day. For...
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    وزیر ہوابازی کا دعویٰ کتنا درست ہے؟؟

    He landed the plane on one engine. Lol. Is this his achievement? Landing a plane very capable of flying on one engine. This is the standard of PIA. If you land A320 on one engine, it’s an achievement. Bravo
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    'Keep your mouth shut,' police chief responds to Trump

    He cannot. Police has nothing to do with the president. They are independent and locally administered at state level.
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    سپریم جوڈیشل کونسل کا آئینی کردار کیا ہے، یہ کردار ادا کرنے دیا جارہا ہے؟

    Judges make their own decisions? Yes let’s. Let’s supreme judicial council judges make up their own mind. Yes?
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    Trump announces termination of relationship with WHO

    And those 20T US can refuse to pay? I am sure they can! I wish China not to fail but remember if they got the power like USA, they will be treating the world far more worse than US. And it’s also true Chinese infringe copyrights and have no regard for patent rights. It’s also true that...
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    Issue of Malik Riaz's relatives. Why media is silent? Anchor Imran Khan

    I think 90 percent of what he said is bullshit. It’s pretty simply. Her husband is having an affair, either leave him or let him have a second wife which is allowed. She committed crime by trespassing someone’s private property (notwithstanding who owns the property, if she is living there, she...
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    Some facts which were kept secret about the plane crash

    Report was released. You are right it was pilots fault.
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    PIA chairman responsible for plane crash - Saeed Ghani

    Yaar he log qabar mein nahi jaayenge. Itni munafaqit
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    طیارے حادثہ: پی آئی اے کا فلائٹ آپریشنز کنٹرول سسٹم تبدیل کرنے کا فیصلہ

    I don’t understand the use of passenger airlines in times of war? What would it be used for? That’s exactly my point. There is no such thing as strategic associated with an airline. Our elite do not want to give it away as they are the ones misusing it. Only a small number of people use the...
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    طیارے حادثہ: پی آئی اے کا فلائٹ آپریشنز کنٹرول سسٹم تبدیل کرنے کا فیصلہ

    I know it’s difficult for political reason. That’s the thing I am referring to. Why an organisation which has been making losses for most of its lifetime. Cannot we spend the money we pay every year to bail PIA our for essential services? An airline isn’t an essential service, in fact a very...
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    طیارے حادثہ: پی آئی اے کا فلائٹ آپریشنز کنٹرول سسٹم تبدیل کرنے کا فیصلہ

    PIA simply needs to go and airports outsourced. I don’t understand our nation’s fascination with an airline instead of our health system etc. We should be standing by our health system just like people in the UK consider their NHS as a pride, not some silly business venture.