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    UAE to give Modi highest civilian award: report

    Isn’t it high time we go into hibernation as far as the rest of the world is concerned, avoid conflicts and FOCUS on developing skills, strengthening economy, science and technology. American are 300 millions and we are 230 million. If we do that, we won’t need uae or Saudi Arabia. Let’s accept...
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    Cat is out of bag? Check the mentality of this Trader

    I don’t understand what’s so illogical in this video that the trader is saying? Principally I agree with him that more people will start paying taxes if the government reduce business and individual tax rates but that’s something which will be achievable once enough people are in the tax net and...
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    No-confidence motion’ fails against Deputy Chairman Senate

    Clearly PPP voted in favour of senate chairman sanjrani 😀
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    Vehicle Token Tax Islamabad

    I completely agree with you regarding withholding tax everywhere. Ideally there shouldn’t be but the problem is we are a developing country with very low tax base. As we go towards tax broadening and people start paying tax, government will most certainly move away from tax deepening. By tax...
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    Vehicle Token Tax Islamabad

    Yes you f Yes you get the income tax back when you submit tax return. People owning 1000cc and above cars are liable to submit tax return. This law has been there for years, PTI is simply implementing it in true spirit.
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    قصور یہ ہے نیب ایف ائی اے میں کیسز درج ہیں الٹا گنگا بہتا ہے

    Why are you sharing it when it clearly says confidential? The sender is making it clear that the letter is addressed to you and only and not for public consumption. And based on that assumption that person is sharing his full name, designation and official phone number. Do you think disclosing...
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    قصور یہ ہے نیب ایف ائی اے میں کیسز درج ہیں الٹا گنگا بہتا ہے

    Not only in the UK but all over Europe, they have introduced confidentiality laws GDPR Rules and the penalties associated with breach of private information which is mainly names, emails etc.
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    قصور یہ ہے نیب ایف ائی اے میں کیسز درج ہیں الٹا گنگا بہتا ہے

    The letter clearly says confidential, doesn’t it? And the reason it is confidential, the relevant person is disclosing his Full Name and Contact details. Do you think it’s not confidential? Most importantly, if the letter is addressed to you and clearly states confidential, you CANNOT publish...
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    قصور یہ ہے نیب ایف ائی اے میں کیسز درج ہیں الٹا گنگا بہتا ہے

    Do you think you can go to internet and shit on yourself under the umbrella of freedom of expression without caring a kin about the fact freedom of expression comes with great deal of responsibility? You must hide the personal data in the above letters. It clearly says confidential.
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    قصور یہ ہے نیب ایف ائی اے میں کیسز درج ہیں الٹا گنگا بہتا ہے

    The problem with Pakistanis is that they are not used to laws being implemented in true spirit. Had you leaked personal data of the aforementioned officers in the letter on internet in the UK, you would certainly have understood what privacy laws are here. Why do you think you have the right...
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    FBR Wants Non-Filers to be Refused New Electricity and Gas Connections

    You missed the point or you are being complacent. my point is this when you start a business or self-employment, the first thing you do is register with FBR as a business/self-employed. Only then you should be allowed to apply for a commercial utility connection. How is it possible that you are...
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    FBR Wants Non-Filers to be Refused New Electricity and Gas Connections

    How on earth can someone apply for a commercial utility connection without first being registered with FBR as a filer? This is a JOKE!! A personal is claiming to be running a business in front of Wapda but not actually filing a tax return? Seriously this country is doomed.
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    Lahore submerged by rain water, poor management by PTI government

    haha poor management by PTI? Cities are built in decades, not months darling. get a grip.
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    رانا ثنااللہ کے خلاف منشیات کیس کے بعد قتل کا مقدمہ شروع کردیا گیا

    be it political or whatever. If there is a case, it must be investigated, who cares who thinks what? Law must be applied blankety to everyone. If Imran khan continued with the way he is doing, there will be resistance but soon people will realise he means business. Make everyone accountable...
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    UK Aid denies Daily Mail news story regarding Sharif money laundering

    DFID is explaining what they are doing in Pakistan which is true but how the money is disbursed which was to U.K. accounts and whether the disbursed money reached Pakistan is none of their business, nor can they check.