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    میڈیا اسلام کو کس طرح سے بدنام کرنے غلیظ کی سازش میں ملوث ہے

    Very sad. Unfortunately we have same experts for everything.. Deen ko bhi nai chora. Same anchors same actors.
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    Poll : Financial Options for Mega Projects Like DAM's and Infrastructure? Chanda vs Consortiums

    Not a good poll at all. Who said its only donations that will build the dam?
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    Mafia exploiting coronavirus chaos in Italy

    Mafia earning affections by spending little in difficult times... In Pakistan they already know all these tactics.. Khataa hey to lagata bhi to hey.
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    PIA Crew getting lesson from onboard Passengers

    For most of flights empty planes are going to bring back passengers. Anyways one can bet that in these circumstances cost of flying a plane is much higher than even ten times the normal fair received from passengers. But it is fact that many people had to come back because of unemployment andd...
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    یوٹیلیٹی سٹورز ملازمین کی غیرمعینہ مدت کیلئے ملک بھر میں شٹرڈاؤن ہڑتال

    Non sense Pata nai Allah swt ko jaan deni inhon ney? No department is fulfilling its responsibility. It is duty of their administration to take protective measures hur kaam govt aaa k karey bahir sey.
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    Your feedback required for the new main page

    Improve blogs and posts by initiated most of them are about cheap news of showbiz and personalities like hareem shah, reham, marvi etc. Its more like Add dislike button
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    مقدمہ چلاۓ بغیر میر شکیل الرحمن کو قید رکھنا انصاف اور شریعت کیخلاف ہے- مفتی تقی عثمانی

    After their great services in making banking system halal now this a next level of " rent a.. " service.
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    Javed Miandad message for private Schools Mafia

    Atleast someone speakup on real issues common people are facing these days.
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    پرویز ہود بھائے ۔۔ سائنس اور اسلام ۔۔ دونوں میں ناکام

    I have came across many professors who are good for nothing. Just they know how to get a research paper published, and after that they become good in business of conferences. Real research is innovation or a hypothesis which is proved by scientific experiments. The worst thing about this guy...
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    Sweden is making a mistake by not locking down - Experts

    They say europe is facing more damage despite lockdown, stats dont lie. Their people are supporting govt decision.
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    حقیقت مندانہ فیصلوں کا وقت

    Also most of Our media, local representatives (MNAs , MPAs, councillors etc) have performed worst so far. Media was crying for curfew andd said we & rich people will feed the poor and now they are just busy in photo sessions with Rashan bags. If MNAs / MPAs would be sincere and active then...
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    حقیقت مندانہ فیصلوں کا وقت

    Raja sb.. Every country in the world is facing crisis in term of lack of food supplies , poverty and un employment. Govt is doing what any developed country is doing -income support, Ehsas program, industry support, subsidised goods at stores, delayed payments in bills etc. Although this is not...
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    حقیقت مندانہ فیصلوں کا وقت

    It would be even difficult for underdeveloped/ developing countries to regain momentum when the pandemic settles. Especially not in our environment where every little step is made controversial by media , opposition and partners. Policy should be ... make, use , buy and export..MADE IN PAKISTAN...