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    Paris attacks a part of Third World War: Pope Francis

    so you are trying to ignite WW3 to get rid of your husband.... uff yeh din bgi aanay thay
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    First Major Update for Windows 10 Available Today

    cant play videos since upgraded to windows 10, just done this update. lets hope it improves the things
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    PM Nawaz the first civilian prime minister of Pak to Visit Pentagon

    how did you work that out that he is washing dishes? Is it because you do the same in melbourne or is it you think that every pakistani does in london... Reply with out swears plz
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    English Spinners

    agree! They are not world class spinners but they are very effective on occasions. I wouldn`t judge them on last match performance basis like you did.
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    Samaa News Expo-sed Nawaz Sharif Planted Press Conference Over NA-122

    Re: پلانٹڈ پریس کانفرنس yeh khoobiya ajj kisi pakistani leader main nahi pai jati, pakistan toh kaya, duniya kay kisi musalman mulk kay leader main nahi pai jati( musalman iss liye kaha, kafiro main toh inn khoobiyu ka sawal hi paida nahi hota ). batt mukhtasir woh joh gussar gaye,aur joh unki...
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    "Kisi aur ko Dhamki do" - Arif hameed bhatti's Heated debate with Sheikh Waqas of PMLN

    yaar thread starter Apkay title nay mujhay confuse kar dia, jab video dekhi to sari confusion door ho gai.. Bhatii ki nikal gai..............!
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    Najam sethi Gives names of Foreign Coaches for PSL teams

    Re: Comment Plzzzz this guy from 2nd from left isn`t worth commenting, you have just wasted our precious time:)
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    How many of you have ordered Apple iphone 6s or 6s+?

    bhai ji apki is post ka par kya maqsad hai? aap ko apple forums join kar lena chahiye ;)
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    The guests of ALLAH

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    Memogate ke doraan Asif Zardari apne bedroom main pistol rakhker sote thay :- Dr.Shahid Masood

    Banda poochay DR Shahid Masood say kya app bhi uss kamray main thay? some times dr sahib comes out with bull***t which is hard to justify..
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    Why I chose Aleem Khan for NA 122: Imran Khans message to all Insafians

    Re: NA 122 win for Ayaz Sadiq I think bio metric system will be used in these elections like haripur na19, so who ever wins will be a legitimate victory, i hope we don`t get to see this dhandali drama after elections..
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    14 August Azadi Ke Agwa Ka Din He - Hassan Nisar gets Emotional

    Kash 14th August 1947 ko yeah aur iss jesaay aur bhi border kay uss paar reh jaaty to hum waqia hi inn manhoosu say azaad hotay, kyu k yeh bhi hindustanio ki tarah humari azaadi say jaaltay hain. iss khabees ki aik baat say main bhi agree karunga k mashuray main kharabia zarur hain aur uski...